Nike unveiled NFT collection for the exchange with models up to R $ 2.2 million

A collection of Nike’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sold for about $ 449,000. Announced on Friday (22), the store of 20,000 virtual sneakers features models with various levels of “rarity”, with sales starting at US $ 7,500.

The first lucky winners to receive sneakers were those who bid for the “MNLTF” project, a magnetic cube with the Nike logo, printed by virtual designer RTFKT. Shortly afterwards and a few “runs” later, the Nike Cryptokicks collection appeared, with content obtained from the Nike Dunk collection (this, by a global body) and capable of modification with about eight differences.

The developer RTFKT was launched in January 2020, but became part of Nike in 2021. The digital product industry is involved in a variety of collections, including celebrities and artists. such as automaker Lexus and Takashi Murakami.

A virtual sneaker with extras

Those who own Nike expensive luxury virtual sneakers still do not have the same quality as the members: they can post models online with Augmented Reality on Snapchat. No plans have been reported for sending physical models similar to virtual drives.

However, the news should be in the works of Nike: patents registered by the company indicate that the company is willing to offer additional products to those who gamble on Cryptokicks, such as virtual Wallet for managing cryptocurrencies, specialized services, guaranteed access to the virtual community and others. . additional value.

virtual zam

In addition to Nike, Adidas is also fighting for a place in the metaverse fashion. The company announced “Into The Metaverse” collection in December last year with 30,000 NFTs developed in partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, popularly known as the “Red Reds”, which cost thousands of dollars.

Adidas Into The Metaverse collection is still in the early stages of development (Image: Playback / Adidas)

Commercial products outside this segment, such as Coca-Cola, are also a virtual goods bet. The beverage company has announced Coca-Cola Byte in Fortnite, a “sweet” of beverage improvement with a personal adventure in the game and the real-life experiences that have been made. get the physical version in “real life”.

Source: Vogue Business, CNET, HypeBeast

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