Nike NFT sneakers sell for a bargain price

You NFTs has crossed the world. Today they are creating millions in digital arts, most not just art. All of these successes may seem unimaginable to many people, especially when we see unique products from collections that cost thousands of reais. This is how it’s Nike NFT sneakers are sold at shocking prices.

Tennis NFT
Nike NFT Sneaker Collection (Image: Playback / @clegfx on Twitter)

Seeing NFTs being sold at a negative price is nothing new. Just be sure to play SharingNFT sold by $ 91.8 million – expensive that it was sold in quotas (312 thousand quotas) for 28,983 people. But what is dangerous here is that the paper is not “art”, but part of a collection with 20,000 NFTs.

Nike enters the world of digital devices with its NFT sneakers

The entry in the question is correct Nike Dunk Origins Cryptokickslaunched in partnership with Nike as well RTFKTvirtual clothing designer, pronounced the same as in English counterfeit goods (artifact).

The average price of the items in this product is from $ 5 The $ 9 thousandmas form which this article refers to, is a rare creation from Takashi Murakamia Japanese artist, out for the price of $ 130 thousandwhich is equal to more BRL 640 ib. This game has only 98 cards.


In addition to acquiring RTFKT late last year and developing the collection, Nike also developed Nikeland in the game roblox do and like it is leaning more and more into the metaverse.

And he is not the only one: the adidas also involved in the Bored Ape Yacht Club and has produced thousands of NFTs; The Gucci also launched a line to represent its species to be placed in the avatars of Pudgy Penguins, women of the world and Bored Ape Yacht Club.


The first to get sneakers are those who bid on the project “MNLTF”, Which is nothing more than a metal cube with the Nike logo stamped on it.

These people received, some time later, items from the Cryptokicks collection – sneakers that came with themes from the Nike collection of the physical world, Nike Dunksbut where can be treated with about 8 different skin types.

Right now, people with NFTs still don’t have the quality, unless you want to include the “wear” option in the game. Snapchat by augmented reality. Nor is it known when people with expensive digital devices will get their body compared.

Everything indicates that Nike is working on it and the patents associated with the metaverse have already been registered by the company. Therefore the company needs to prepare a lot for the project sponsors.

Is it you? What do you think of Nike’s Digital Dunks? Are they worth over half a million reais? Tell us what you think about NFT Fever!

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