NFTs on Instagram: Learn How It Works

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has confirmed that NFTs (digital assets with data of facts) will enter into the relationship. The company will begin testing this week with a small group of users, who will be able to announce NFT content at storyallow or send via text.

Beneficial since 2020, these digital devices have been referred to as non-fungible tokens. They can do anything from pictures, gifs, even a word online. Its value is associated with its unique properties. Whoever acquires NFT becomes the owner of the file.

How it works on Instagram

According to Mosseri, there will be no additional costs associated with posting or posting content on social networks. The goal is to start small, especially for the platform to understand how it is received and used.

The content of each NFTs will be posted on the social network almost the same as in the model of the store, including the product, the name of the developer and, in this case, its owner.

In the video that introduces the innovation, the head of the relationship also mentioned that the company wants to learn and develop a variety of technology, however, because it is the Basically, it is necessary to have peace for a solution. more.

The singing was done by Meta director, Mark Zuckerberg. In addition to Instagram, he also acknowledged that the company has been trying to do a similar job on Facebook. The release of the two will happen soon.

We are starting to develop NFTs not just in our metaverse and in Reality Labs [local de pesquisa da Meta para criação de novas funcionalidades]but also in our family of apps. Mark Zuckerberg.

The CEO and founder of Facebook although three-dimensional NFTs are still under analysis, have learned. This will be combined with Spark AR, augmented reality website and filters for Instagram.

Meta has not yet given a date for when the service will be released.

According to bitcoin news website CoinDesk, the blockchains (data storage and processing technology) options for the NFT industry are: Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL) and Flow. (FLOW).

Is NFT received from another website?

There is still an ongoing process for using NFTs in chat, but Twitter was the first major platform to join, in January of this year.

They can be used to create profile images in the shape of a hexagon and are paid for advertising – unlike the one created by Meta, to begin with.

The show was broadcast exclusively to users of the Blue service network. However, Twitter released the pull of tokens used for other devices. The possibility of pulling out is the subject of much debate, since we are only talking about devices that have been purchased and available in the digital world.

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