NFT: Why is this kidney stone so beneficial?

filmmaker David Cronenbergconsidered a pioneer of physical horror, determined to bring the uniqueness of his work to the real world and turn his kidney stone into. NFT.

NFT: Why is this kidney stone so beneficial?
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The digital assets of Kidney Stones and Inner Beauty have been in the SuperRare cryptocurrency market since last month, costing less than 10 ETH – the equivalent of US $ 28,000 or 137,000 reais. .

In a statement, Cronenberg says it will take about two years for the stone to build up in your kidneys, which creates a “good explanation” and harmony because of how your body works.

“I’m calling it the ‘Inner Beauty Collection’, in reference to advice from my film ‘Home Bell’ by the Twin Doctors who wants to know why beauty “Song pageants can not penetrate the inside of the human body. Well, here are my names.”


He even revealed that NFT was involved in his film “Sin of the Future,” in which the actor announced his body as part of the show. The film will star Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart and Leah Seydoux.

“I think each stone presents a unique aesthetic of texture, color and organic composition, which interferes with my meaning, my authenticity, my body, my ambiguity in and out “, found.

According to Artnet News, this is not the first time Cronenberg has been involved in an NFT project. For the first time, the filmmaker presented a one-minute distraction film that he took with his daughter and sold for $ 75,000.

How does the NFT kidney stone start?

Data from the SuperRare trading platform reveals that a non-fungible token (NFT) called “Inner Beauty” has yet to be identified by the buyer. With a minimum of 10 ETH, ether is around $ 30,500. Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg’s NFT for 18 kidney stones is still unused.

The actor explained to Newsweek that he had taken a picture of his kidney stone to tell a friend who had encountered the problem for the first time. According to him, the benefits of counting are stored in a bottle of medicine.

He is no stranger to the world of NFTs and appeared on the market in September 2021 with a short film called “The Death of David Cronenberg” – a one minute video that shows people making a film about his dead body. According to Canadian Press, NFT sold for 25 ETH, which was around $ 90,000 at the time.

A pioneer of the “body horror” brand, the filmmaker also introduced his daughter Caitlin, a photographer who introduced him to digital devices. As for the stones removed two years after the kidney spasm, the director also said that his doctor even asked to send them for examination, but he did not, claiming that they were beautiful. too destructive.

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