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Isn’t it funny how many oddities come from NFTs? Here we have one more for you: they create one virtual hospital designed for the metaverse, where you buy a non-fungible token to have the right to chat with reputable doctors on social networks. For more information, a program called MetaDocs is not authorized to order tests, prescriptions, provide medical examinations or even simple medical recommendations.

NFTs of MetaDocs doctor avatars (Image: Reproduction)
NFTs of MetaDocs doctor avatars (Image: Reproduction)

The information was initially published by the app BuzzFeed News. The hospital metaverse is based on NFTs of 3D dolls created in the image of the famous doctors of Tik Tok and Instagram, such as Dr. Pimple Popper (Dermatologist Sandra Lee).

By purchasing one of these non-fungible tokens, The user will be entitled to one-on-one video chats, Q&A sessions or DMs with celebrities of social networks. As a rule, you should make an appointment with a doctor, but that is not the case.

While the purpose of MetaDocs is to cut through the “bureaucracy” that comes with access to physicians, The virtual hospital does not have the authority to provide medical information for NFT bars. like the BuzzFeed pointed out, the project does not have the necessary license to practice telemedicine in the United States.

That is, as much as the physician partner has their credentials up to date, Phone inquiries or social network messages are not valid. This protects physicians from screening, prescribing, prescribing, prescribing and even providing the most basic medical information online.

“At the moment, we do not refer to anyone as a patient,” said Dr. Dustin Portela, physician and dermatologist at MetaDocs, in a letter to BuzzFeed. As a result, at least nine professionals involved in the metaverse Clinic project have already left the ship.

NFTs can cost more than real conversations

Providers participating in the MetaDocs website (Image: Development)
Providers participating in the MetaDocs website (Image: Development)

The data turned out to be different when examining the cost of NFTs. While MetaDocs did not set a constant value for them, the average token value indicated in the white paper (project description) referred to a value of 0.2 ether (ETH). This would be the equivalent of US $ 560 or R $ 2,800 from the terms identified at the time of publication of this article.

It is also worth noting that This money can be more expensive than you would pay for a private consultation really with most physicians receiving support in the US. However, MetaDocs founder Dr. Sina Joorabachi, told BuzzFeed that the cost of NFTs is not linked to treatment.

“Our offer is to connect people to these doctors where they want to pay to talk or connect with doctors,” Joorbachi said. However, its sound announcement is not affected by the ideal project, that is create a virtual hospital for metaverse remote treatment.

That said, MetaDocs also hopes to improve health in the future, and includes, for example, virtual reality patient screenings. It looks like something very far away, but not for the designer of a strange project.

With information: Buzzfeed News

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