NFT-themed burger sharing accepts cryptocurrency payments

BRAZIL - 05/07/2022: In this photo, the Bored Ape Yacht Club logo appears on the smartphone.  (Photo courtesy of Rafael Henrique / SOPA Image / LightRocket by Getty Images)

The product is based on the famous NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection (Getty Image)

  • The California restaurant is inspired by NFT graphics

  • Snacks and combos can be paid for with cryptocurrencies

  • More than 1 million reais were used to acquire the business rights of Bored Ape

Metaverse fans can now indulge in even a snack time. A California-based businessman has decided to take advantage of the fashion to create a burger joint inspired by the digital recording of the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Payments, of course, can be made with cryptocurrencies.

At the restaurant designed by Andy Nguyen, customers can choose from two types of snacks, in addition to soft drinks and fries. The building has a decoration that deals with the popular signage.

The iconic image of the redhead has won many celebrities, including Madonna, Justin Bieber and Neymar, who spent more than 1 million dollars to get the mark.

Fast food is a little more expensive than fast food

According to UOL, in order to market using technology, the business spends a lot of money.

About US $ 267,000 (R $ 1.37 million current exchange rate) was used to obtain the rights to 6,184 red in the collection, plus some between US $ 65,000 and US $ 75,000 (R $ 333,000 and R $ 384). ). Thousands, respectively) in various designs created by the Mutant Apes collection, provided by BAYC.

For journalist Britanny Chang, who is on the scene, using the BAYC design is a great hobby for a restaurant and hamburgers not to be disappointed. “My standards are high, but I was surprised by my decision. In return, I should not, because the snacks were already tried and approved by the public,” he said.

The owner of the site also said he was concerned about providing quality products. “I come from a restaurant business, so I have to make sure we get a good hamburger,” Nguyen points out.

In order to live a healthy diet, consumers need to know that they will pay a little more. The cheapest snacks are US $ 13.00 and US $ 15.00, in the combo version. In California, Big Mac for $ 5.11 and the mix for $ 7.67, with fries and soda.

“The price is higher than fast food like McDonald’s, but you pay for a good burger, good food and ‘respect’ of the food out of the Bored Ape package,” the owner said. of the company said.

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