NFT platform is hacked and writers frustrated

The NFT platform was hijacked early Monday (14), bringing a wealth of digital technology from its consumer users, who wanted to make an impact.

In recent years, the security of financial-related service platforms has risen to the test. Banks, fintechs, including cryptocurrencies, are all constant targets for hackers.

And in a market that enjoys listening to NFTs, this is no different. This time to determine the word of the year 2021, indicating the magnitude of the impact on the economy.

Pictures, videos, etc., can become very rare digital devices and this industry has moved thousands of dollars. As more and more people want to buy less digital tools, these have become important to hackers as well.

The NFT platform was hijacked and the writers watched over a million reais taken

Wizard Pass’s mission is to give its early users access to new cryptocurrencies and future NFT products. As people who buy tokens in the beginning can benefit from the increase in assets in the market, this platform has become popular among some business people.

However, the security platform was put to the test this Monday and failed with the developers, who saw Cool Cats, Clone Xs and even Mutante Apes (MAYC) being hijacked. The scammers responsible for the invasion have already earned 107 Ethers, which is R $ 1.4 million today.

“We know the NFT Wizard Server has been stolen. Please do not click on a link on Twitter or the server. We are working to resolve this issue!”

After declaring that they were the target of a hacker attack, the group managed to re-enter the Discord affected area and explained that they were seeking help from the affected areas. In any case, the case shows that hackers have their eyes on these platforms.

In addition to NFTs sold, cyber criminals took another 66 Ethers, valued at BRL 866,000, indicating that the hole exceeded BRL 2 million.

It is not clear how the hacked NFT platform will resolve the situation, but many developers who have released their assets are outraged by the situation.

NFT security issues

What makes me wonder is that the NFT industry has attracted so many new users to the cryptocurrency market, many people do not know what a security wallet is and how to keep their gear in it. . And this may be one of the problems that affects most NFTs, such as by bringing technology together across platforms, a failure is created.

In the case of OpenSea, for example, the platform launched an investigation after a phishing attack that resulted in the loss of millions of NFT users, with the incident occurring in February 2022. Thus , it is true that the platforms in these new operations are still being tested. repair is a service, but it is important that writers seek to learn and practice the best safety practices in this environment.

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