NFT games attract players in Brazil with an interesting interest in cryptocurrencies

By Beatriz Garcia

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The commercial non-fungible token (NFT) market has expanded and one of its ventures is video games that promise to reward consumers with their products. A digital value that can be redeemed in a traditional way, something attractive. of players, including in Brazil.

NFTs are more than just digital products that can be traded for financial gain and can represent everything from red cartoons to clothing for avatars wearing in metaverses, one of the business that has already moved millions of dollars worldwide.

The market has led to industry models such as the mining company Orbe888, whose main role is the management of NFT-based video game funds that have been accessed by the participants. company. The startup also looks at topics in the category of sports favorites, examining which ones are most relevant to consumers on the return track.

As NFT video games generally require users to make an investment first, “Orbe888 takes this risk and the company members receive a percentage of the revenue when they reach out to them, “said Orbe888 Chief Executive Juan Alcasar.

The company was established last year in the inner city of Conceição do Pará and has already moved to Belo Horizonte to get more stable construction after heavy rains in the state.

The company’s operations, which are still in use, include hiring professional staff to represent it in several of the largest cryptogames developed in the “play-to-get” category.

Tokens can be purchased from the bank in your device. Players keep 60% of the income from NFTs they mine in a game in which the company has an account, as long as they are in charge of the player and their contract. still working, explains the manager.

Bruno Leite, 19, played “Bombcrypto” and “Luna Rush” in Vitória (ES) for Orbe888. The former is like Bomberman video game and players have to blow their chests on my BCOIN cryptocurrency. He said he received 2,500 reais ($ 485.55) when BCOIN peaked. In Luna Rush, he said he received 3,000 reais ($ 582.66), at the peak of the game’s cryptocurrency race, LUS.

However, the amount withdrawn from each account varies according to the rules of each game and the blockchain wallet. “Bombcrypto, for example, you can withdraw when you store 40 BCOINS”, explains Leite.


Also known as “altcoins,” the NFT-based digital video game currency is being traded more widely than cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which have more users.

BCOIN, for example, traded at 54 cents on Friday, according to CoinMarketCap. But in late November, it rose to $ 8.46. In the last 24 hours, profits have fallen 24%, working below the starting price of 1.7 dollars in January last year, when it started trading, according to the platform.

In addition to Bombcrypto and Luna Rush, the market has several titles available for gamers, including Axie Infinity, the most popular of them.

“If you lead a peripheral country, especially in the Philippines, there are people who quit their jobs to live at Axie Infinity because it is more profitable than the guy working another in the market, in a cafeteria, for example, “said Bruno Milanello, director of the new venture Mercado Bitcoin, one of the largest exchanges in Brazil .

“With the concentration in several places, this money has an impact on the exchange rate. Even in the case of Axie Infinity, which is more popular, it has a much lower rate. than bitcoin, for example, “said Milanello.

Axie quoted this Friday at $ 50.40. When it peaked in June last year, it reached $ 160.4, representing a market value of $ 9.8 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.


But the positive environment surrounding the business poses a risk, according to digital financial experts.

“When new players enter, there will be buyers, but there will come a time when the developer can disappear and disappear with its crypto assets”, says Isac Costa, Professor of Law , Technology and Finance of Ibmec / SP.

The scam called “carpet pull” was already used for the project where Orbe88 had an account and it happened when the developers abandoned a project and ran away with the merchants money.

“It is significant that our future players have been brought to the NFT Games market, this is because it is a high-risk area that requires significant investment. positive, and therefore need to be very careful, ”the company said in a statement.

But, beyond the investment, there is an interest of players in spending their time having better fun. Subway worker João Barreiros, 45, plays MIR4, a blockchain-based multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

“I’ve always loved online games, so why not try to spend the money I’ll spend on games that do not bring me back, of something that can bring me back. ? ” Barreiros, which does not interfere with Orbe888. He added that “Fun with capital gains will increase,” he added.

Barreiros said he played with two accounts on MIR4 and each valued at around 3,000 reais. It has not yet taken money out of the game, like return on investment returns as the cryptocurrency market recovers from the recent rise of investors flying through risky assets. which has hit bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets.

“We are in the first generation, the history of the relationship between video games and NFTs, because, along with the metaverse concept, game developers are still examining how they can for themselves in the store, ”Costa said.

NFT games attract players in Brazil with an interesting interest in cryptocurrencies

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