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The digital world has been an integral part of everyday life for many years, especially with the advent of smartphones. The integration of the real and virtual worlds, however, seems to lead to better competition and topics such as NFTs and metaverse have become the focus of discussion. in recent months.

Experts suggest that the change will affect many businesses and some big ones, such as Nike and Adidas, have hoped and are starting the first trials.

But how do local companies see the emergence of new technology and switch to it?

Fábio Matos is the CEO of Metablock, a company by Ceará that specializes in tokenization, which is the process of transforming a global asset into a token that can be exchanged in the virtual world.

In essence, the owner is able to make money from the estate through the participation of investors, whose profits are linked to a variety of fixed income options. freeze.

“Tokenizing is taking real assets and, through blockchain registration, taking it to the digital space. NFTs are nothing more than tokens,” explains Matos.

Metablock was set up after the talks escalated further regarding the metaverse in the second half of 2021 and is expected to launch its own token presence and trading platform later this month.

“We are the means, the car, the big industry. The goal of tokenization is to bring the product to the liquid and fast to the market, in addition to lower transmission”, about leaders.

The company’s platform will hit the market with two items: tokens from home improvement and debit card receipts, but the difference is for many extensions to multiple segments.

Matos revealed that many investors from the investment have presented their goal to tokenize assets, the potential of which will go through the testing, feasibility and setup process to until they were really developed.

Subtitle: Matos revealed that many investors from the Capital have expressed their intention to make a profit.

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the digital world

Blockchain CEO Jerfferson Souza makes it clear that the metaverse is a digital world that attempts to simulate relationships through virtual reality environments where humans are represented by avatars.

The concept originated at the beginning of the twentieth century and got into conflict with the Second Life game, which essentially reflects the concept of the metaverse, of the virtual world parallel.

“The product is gaining momentum because of blockchain technology, which is involved in the development of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and allows you to create products like NFT. The problem with digital, which the world The answer really is no, if in the real world there is .the concept is not enough, “he said.

It clearly states that oil, for example, is a commodity and, therefore, economically valuable. In the digital world, however, data can be printed thousands of times. With blockchain and NFTs, it is possible to prove ownership of a virtual asset.

“Imagine, I’m in the metaverse and I want to buy a Nike shoe. Before blockchain, there was no way to create scarcity and prove that I had an original Nike shoe. But blockchain allows you create an NFT, a unique token, the agent of this digital asset, and you will be able to buy and prove that you have an old Nike device.

Jerffesson Sauza

Blockchain An Operator

Blockchain technology is similar to an internet business, which does not have a server base, but is made up of all the computers connected to the network. That way, if someone tries to attack the system, they must seize all the computers, in order to provide extra security.

Blockchain One by Ceará uses exactly this model to provide solutions such as crypto asset development, registration and authentication, data sharing, authentication, etc.

With the creation of a “new” world in a virtual environment, more businesses, products and services will be able to move into this environment, creating more business and operations. .

Despite the recent popularity of the content, Souza believes it will still be a few years before Ceará and the Brazilian company follow through on the exchange and create some repercussions. good.

Until now, he said he was only looking at start-ups from major companies around the world.

“Some of the biggest players in the world have already worked, bought land in the metaverse, developed services, but it is still a small world of big organizations that are in this process,” he said. he said.

“Even though we have a better understanding and local companies and local companies can get in, I think it will take a few years. It is still too early for us to come. talk about the real impact on the economy in the region, the long-term economy. ” , added leaders.

Subtitle: Launched on January 28, Clash of Cars already has between 6,000 and 7,000 users, mostly from Brazil.

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capital with fun

Moving on to the national situation, options have emerged that unite the digital world, NFTs and investments. This is the case of Clash of Cars, the game model race to earnthat is, that players benefit from their achievements in the game.

Company COO, Euquias Correia, explains that users can buy platform benefits, called crashes, with dollars and with them buy carts, which are NFTs.

As the tournament wins, players get more arguments, which can be converted into dollars and ransoms. Correia explains that the cost of collisions varies according to the demand for the currency.

Launched on January 28, Clash of Cars already has between 6,000 and 7,000 users, mostly from Brazil, but also from countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, etc.

The game is expected to reach 100,000 active users in the coming months, according to Correia.

“NFTs games are here to stay and the market has become professional. It starts with the people interested, but it’s necessary to become an expert. And that’s why we so there are experts in investment, marketing, gaming and gameplay. ”

In addition, it refers to the significant changes in the game world with these systems: when users first paid for the game and received the product, now they have paid to play.


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