Netflix announces the broadcast staff until the end of 2022

Netflix may unveil its low-cost ad-supported level at the end of the year, a time sooner than expected, the company told staff in a recent statement.

In the report, Netflix executives said they are planning to announce the broadcast level in the last quarter of the year, according to two people sharing the details of the communication, speaking. anonymous to describe company conversation. The letter also said that they were planning to start cracking down on password sharing of its users environment at the same time, the users said.

Last month, Netflix surprised the media industry and Madison Avenue when it announced it would begin offering lower rates with advertising, after years of public outreach. market will not be visible on the streaming platform.

But Netflix is ​​facing significant business problems. In announcing its first-quarter earnings last month, Netflix said it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year – the first time that has happened in a decade – and expects to lose another two million in the coming months. Since the users announcement, Netflix’s share price has plummeted, eliminating approximately $ 70 billion in the company’s market capitalization.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, told investors that the company will examine the potential of its broadcast support platform and it will try to “think about it in years. the next one or two years. “

A recent notice to staff indicated that the appointment had been expedited.

“Yes, it’s fast and demanding and it will need some trade,” the statement said.

The woman’s Netflix spokeswoman declined to comment.

Netflix now has multi-level payment access to its streaming services; its most popular plans cost $ 15.49 a month. The new ad-supported level will cost less. Other streaming services have similar plans. HBO Max, for example, offers business-free services for $ 15 a month, and pays $ 10 a month for services with advertising.

Indeed, in a statement to employees, Netflix executives cited their competitors, saying that HBO and Hulu have been able to “maintain strong titles while providing support services.”

“Every major streaming company excluding Apple has or has announced support services,” the statement said. “For good reason, people want lower choices.”

Last month, Netflix also announced that it plans to start charging higher fees to consumers who share their accounts with more people.

“Wherefore, if you have a sister, say, In another city; You want to tell Netflix to him, that’s great, “Greg Peters, chief executive of Netflix, said of the company’s revenue call. will ask you to pay a little more to join him. “

Mr Peters said the company would go “up to a year or more at recovery” of password sharing before it unveils a plan.

In a statement to staff, Netflix executives said the level of ad-support for the streaming site would be revealed “along with our broader plans to pay for sharing.” “

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