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With the loss of RED Canids Kalunga to China Royal Do Not Release (RNG) of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), Brazil has maintained the right to prevent any group from reaching that level. The Ball arrived this Saturday with the difficult task of winning the RNG, the Chinese won the 1st Split, now the MSI winner and is a key contender for the title of this letter to dream of the hexagonal distribution of the League of Legends worldwide. championship., playing in Busan, South Korea.

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RED Canids was eliminated this Saturday by MSI 2022 – Image: Riot Games

Brazilians have a new opportunity since the first round of RED Canids and RNG was eliminated by Riot Games due to the inconsistency of player pings in Busan and Shanghai, China. In the first meeting, Brazil lost and, this Saturday, they lost again. RED Canids needed to win the forced match against PSG Talon (Hong Kong / Taiwan) for a place in the hexagonal as second place in Group B.

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RNG runs across RED Canids again and eliminates Brazilians by MSI 2022

RNG runs across RED Canids again and eliminates Brazilians by MSI 2022

In 2015 and 2016, the first year of MSI, no Brazilian team went beyond the International Wildcard, a qualifying competition, and therefore did not participate in the main event.

In 2017, after the exchange, teams from all regional organizations recognized a place in the competition, but with higher entry levels, teams from new regions. At that point, MSI, RED Canids, with a different team from the current one, was out of the entry stage, with four wins and two losses. Only the first place in each of the two teams advanced to second place, and the Brazilian team was in second place, behind the Turkish SuperMassive.

brTT is the star of RED Canids at MSI 2017 – Image: Riot Games

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In 2018, KaBuM, which has the marksman Alexandre “TitaN”, now of RED Canids, also dropped in the entry stage, with four wins and two losses, back SuperMassive. As in 2017, only the first place of each of the two teams has advanced to the next round.

Kabum at MSI 2018 – Photo: Riot Games / Share

In 2019, INTZ had a poor race, only winning one of the six tournament games at the entry level. The campaign put the Brazilian team at the bottom of Group B.

INTZ at MSI 2019 – Photo: David Lee / Riot Games

MSI did not appear in 2020 due to the ubiquity of Covid-19 and only returned last year, with modifications in the standard, no entry level, similar to MSI 2022. has started the competition at the entry level. groups, as well as other groups. National representative, paiN Gaming has two wins and four losses and is in third place in Group B, behind MAD Lions (Europe) and PSG Talon (Hong Kong / Taiwan), two. classification in the hexagonal key.

brTT’s paiN Gaming removed from MSI 2021 in Phase 1 – Photo: Publish / Riot Games

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