Mother of Creation: The Madonna auctions NFT series that brings together pop, nature and technology

Now Madonna is still NFT, non-fungible tokens. The 63-year-old singer has teamed up with American artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, to create world-renowned digital works, to create a film in which he was born naked. butterflies, insects and plants.

Called “Mother of Creation”, the three-video series showcases Madonna’s avatar made up of a variety of animals. According to the duo of artists, on the website that presented the project, the works “represent the diversity of reproduction in the modern world”.

Animation with singer Madonna on NFT work ‘Mother of Creation’, she collaborated with Beeple – Construction

In the first, called “Mother of Nature”, she gave birth to a flora, born on a tree. In the second, “Mother Evolution”, he removes the butterfly from his body. In the third, “Mother of Technology”, lines from the singer represent how science also “gives light to the world”, according to the author.

“I want to explore the concept of creation, not just the way a baby enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist works,” Madonna said. born to be creative, ”Madonna said in a statement.

The works, produced by 3D scans, also feature poems that have not been reported by the singer, with quotes from poet Rumi. Madonna and Beeple have been working on the project for a year, improving their vision of parenting in all three animations.

‘Mother of Creation’, representing many forms of childbirth in the modern world – Creation

Madonna said: “When Mike and I decided to get involved in this work a year ago, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my perspective on the world as a mother and father. drawing with Mike’s special thinking, “Madonna said. “It’s incredibly fun to bring this together, from creative ideas to a story of imagination, born of art.”

“Mother of Creation” went on sale Wednesday at the SuperRare online store, and proceeds from the event will be donated to organizations supporting women and children around the world. Among them are Voices of Children Foundation, City of Joy and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

“Mother of Creation”, the title of Madonna’s new NSFW NFT collection – Published

NFT was created by digital artist Mike Winkelmann Image: Repeat

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