Monte Verde (MG) invites nutrition and arts events

Monte Verde has a set agenda for this winter and many attractions to welcome visitors in a welcoming manner to the Monte Verde and MOVE Regional Development Agency.

This destination is known for its mild climate, tranquility, beautiful nature and delicious food in its restaurant, which is full Very popular in winter.

The station officially opened in Camanducaia district (165 km from São Paulo) on Saturday the 11th and the schedule confirmed for the season in the traditional tourist area south of Minas Gerais will have food and beverage options. Special art. During this time Monte Verde expects to reach 600,000 people and generate R $ 200 million in the local economy.

Three events

Selected as one of the most welcomed destinations in Brazil by users and famous for its cultural history, Monte Verde will be promoting three events through August 14: Mountain love Winter in the mountains And Mountain miningAll hosted by MOVE (Monte Verde and Regional Development Agency).
On the 24th at 7pm a video will be posted on profile @ visite.monteverde on Instagram with the theme Stomach spread and local producers, Which will serve as a snack for next month’s attractions. In a calendar that mixes music and culture with culinary events that include Kitchen ShowMOVE has organized a series of attractions on Avenida Monte Verde and Praça do Carvalho:
7/16 (Saturday)

11:00 AM – Rota Lua / Cabeças de Livro

11 a.m. – Rota Lua / Cabeças de Livro – A brief broadcast meeting for the audience to hear the story and get excited about the activity.

4 p.m. Macaroni in cheese – Cooking Workshop with Chef Augusto Souza from Cuccina da Villa Restaurant that will lead a wonderful experience and teach you how to cook the perfect dish to taste all the time. The attraction will be accompanied by drinks with ផលិតផលguas Prata products.

7/23 (Saturday)

Mineira paella by Chef Leandro Prieto

10 a.m.paella mineira – Chef Leandro Prieto from Manduca Artesanal will show you how to prepare traditional Spanish cuisine. With ingredients such as smoked pork knees, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, among other delights, experts will bring revised recipes for a delicious taste that promises to surprise visitors. The class will be accompanied by a taste of uasguas Prata tonics.

4pm – Performed by the Brasil Caledônia Pipe Band with live music by the Scottish Band and throwing in addition to the performance by the Highland Dance Brasil, a traditional Scottish dance troupe.

24/7 (Sunday)

Cakes and brigadeiro workshop

4 p.m.Cakes and brigadeiro workshop – Chef Thais Ribeiro from Monte Verde-based Bolinhas de Amor teaches participants how to prepare a delicious carrot cake for kids whose taste will be “turbined” by the special drinker brigadeiro in Among its ingredients. Revenue.

7/30 (Saturday)

Wine matching with sommelier Alexandre Levi

2 p.m.Matching wine with food – Oh sommelier Alexandre Levi from Vino DiVino teaches how to combine this traditional drink with food for an unforgettable emotional experience. The event will also feature the famous Edelweiss cake in Monte Verde.

4 p.m.Turn the head of the moon / Book A brief outreach meeting for visitors to hear stories and get excited about this cultural activity.

About MOVE

The MOVE Non-Profit Association (Monte Verde and Regional Development Agency) was established in early 2020 to promote the sustainable and ethical economic development of Monte Verde, a city-owned tourism hub. Camanducaia (MG) becomes a reference in the country. The agency works to strengthen and give voice to the business community to enhance the local tourism profession within the following scope: hotels, businesses, canteens, environment, society, industry, sports, arts and culture. It is also valued for the involvement of society in decision-making and attention and appreciation for the local landscape and culture. Today, with more than 150 members, MOVE supports and provides strategic assistance to companies, governments and communities to address common challenges. Identify, encourage and promote investment opportunities. Promote new business and partnerships; Support the production and launch of local tourism events. And promote diversified tourism and economic options for sustainable business.

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