Ministry trying to find the cause of liver disease – 05/14/2022 – Equality

The Department of Health has set up a Health Department to monitor the incidence of hepatitis B, which affects children. The team will review and analyze the situation to help identify the possible evidence.

These efforts will also involve international organizations working in the study of the etiological agent responsible for chronic liver disease.

Physicians from the Ministry, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other experts were invited to design the room. It will operate each day of the week and will demonstrate the data and flow of reports at state and local health departments. As the situation is not yet known, and the evidence is updated from time to time, the unit will handle different situations.

As of this Friday (13), 44 cases have been reported, in nine states, with 23 still pending distribution and we have been discarded. In São Paulo there are 15 people, including those still considered as the result.

Outcomes in pediatric health are considered rare by health centers and professionals. This is because there is no pathogen that causes the disease to be detected in patients. do

Hepatitis is a liver disease that can be caused by an infection and even by drinking too much alcohol, along with certain drugs and toxins. There are five viruses that are known to cause liver disease: A, B, C, D and E. In addition to these five, there is an autoimmune liver disease, in which the immune system infects the liver.

After the first outbreak in the United States, national health officials linked the virus to adenovirus 41, a type of influenza virus that causes respiratory problems, conjunctivitis. or digestive problems in children. Most people become infected before the age of five.

However, this assumption was dispelled as soon as it was discovered that not all infected children were infected. According to the WHO, of the 169 patients included in the recent report, at least 74 had adenovirus, only 18 had adenovirus 41.

The other person accused of being excluded, at least for causing liver disease, is Covid-19.

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