Ministry launches Quality Program in Cardiology at SUS

Ministry of Health announced today (10) The Best Program in Cardiology (QualiSUS Cardio), an initiative that focuses on monitoring the status of cardiology in the Unified Health System (SUS).

Through the program, goals, measures and metrics will be developed to adapt to clinical outcomes, to promote better cardiology services across the country.

According to the agency, the program “defines SUS clinics, appropriate in terms of cardiovascular complexity, in terms of performance level based on the assessment of The procedure is related to the product parameter, complexity and quality of care for the public, creating increments of the importance of the surgical procedure of the circulatory system “.

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voluntary membership

According to the secretary of the Specialized Care Unit, Maíra Botelho, R $ 200 million has been approved by the association for the project. “Membership is voluntary, but if you participate, to have“Responsible for allowing national registration of implants, in the angioplasty module”, the secretary said, regarding the difficulty of the procedure being carried out into the account.

“Our goal is to measure the performance of the hospital and to reward good practice. It pays to be the one who gives the best results,” he said while presenting the four axes of service: medical examination; model of allocation of additional resources for completion; strengthen management procedures and improve quality of care; and professional training.

Adherence to hospitals to the program will be through the Promotion of the Health Act. Manufacturers must register their services with the National Implant Registry.

The agency states that the division by rank will be updated every two years. Monitoring and evaluation will be conducted at the federal, state, district and city levels, “responsible for controlling the performance of procedures, parameters and measures”.

update fee

Health Director Marcelo Queiroga, during the Announcement of the Diabetes Care Award, QualiSUS Cardio, at Itamaraty Palace.

Director of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, during a presentation on the Best Practices in Cardiology, QualiSUS Cardio, at Palácio Itamaraty – Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

At the start of the new term, Minister Marcelo Queiroga warned of some risks that without adjusting tariffs on certain items could lead to a healthier country.

“We have increased the cost of heart valves because, otherwise, we would not have national valve design, including those over the age of that. to havethey are heart diseases ”, said the leader, as Brazil undergoes a transition, with an aging population.

In this understanding, Queiroga added, “We need to improve our health care industry, not just affect crops. Therefore, it is it is important to fix table distortions “, he said.

“The best thing is to end the history of the Ministry of Health fixing costs, because our government is independent. The market sets the price. We have to end this because [em produtos cujo] The cost that the department says is R $ 50, in the private sector it is twice as much. And whoever pays the bill is the beneficiary of additional health care “, Queiroga said.

According to him, as all these systems are “oxygenated by tax exemption”, it is consumers and SUS who pay the price. “And many of these funds have not been reimbursed to SUS by health care providers. Only two of them, including those who want to join, owe R $ 1 billion for health, “, said the director.

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