MIBR announces historical support with Bybit, the world’s top cryptocurrency brokerage that recently arrived in Brazil

LUB MIBR, the largest esports team in Brazil, welcomes Bybit as a partner and sponsor for the next 3 years. As one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world, Dubai-based giant announces its expansion in Brazil with an agreement with MIBR first a local support.

Bybit began its journey with the esports team in 2021 by expanding the consolidation of the esports and cryptocurrency industries, due to both the success of the same development.

Bybit is also the sponsor of Formula 1 Oracle Red Bull Racing, other top sports teams in the world such as Navi and Astralis, German football club Borussia Dortmund and also Japanese football club Avispa Fukuoka.

This is the first collaboration in Brazil of a newcomer to the crypto industry and the most popular esports organization in Latin America.

LUB MIBR and Bybit will work together to deliver specialized services that reach the entire audience. Support will support Bybit’s position in the esports landscape by moving together the two communities that redefine finance and activity.

Together they will create content about the crypto world and financial education through the organization’s digital broadcasts in three years of engagement, expanding connectivity between communities.

The sponsorship will provide both financial education presentations for gamers looking to diversify and invest in digital benefits, as well as engage more fans through the tools and resources. the experience that led them. to the next level – to the next level (crypto company statement) – create a way to support and integrate teams.

to the CEO MIBRRoberta Coelho, Bybit has arrived to drive the New Era organization, a new chapter in a story that began in 2022 and put fans at the center of the group’s ideas.

“I’m glad to have Bybit as a partner for the next 36 months! Together we will share MIBR on Web 3.0, better understand our fans favorite in the world of digital tools and deliver great experiences. As stated by the Bybit slogan, we will take the lead MIBR to the next level “.

With a much younger audience, the esports and crypto industry is expected to reach more and more new global markets.

Many gamer communities are already choosing to invest in digital assets, which are rarely bureaucratic and decentralized. A profile that will benefit from sites provided by one of the best global crypto platforms.

The players at MIBR will also join the global crypto event by Bybit called World Series of Trading (WSOT) 2022.

Each team that joins the Bybit family will present their best players in a tournament venture, leading their team to win a prize of $ 8 million dollars and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ).

Bybit could also be a friend of MIBR of the role to change the understanding of women in the world of sports and technology. “Gender equality is a core responsibility of the company.

In addition to investing in women’s groups MIBR at CS: GO and Valorant, we will continue to develop initiatives with the goal of empowering women in sports. Bybit Brasil will work with its global team to help female gamers identify Web 3.0 platforms. “, refers to the broker.

“We look forward to cooperating with those MIBR which will be Bybit Brasil’s first sponsorship. We teach sports and want to be the best in sports.

Whether in the financial and development segment or in the esports environment, being a good player requires hard work to improve your performance and develop good ideas. As a digital heritage platform, Bybit manages investments to provide secure and reliable services to our customers, ”the company added.

Celebrate the arrival of Bybit, the MIBR has made a mega-debut in the video announcing the sponsorship that will be announced in the conference this Friday (6/05).

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