Metaverse is not only play-to-get and has already moved millions in Brazil

That the metaverse is one of the key trends of 2022 when it comes to technology is not news to anyone. The immersive virtual environment is a fact that, little by little, is conquering its place in the world of technological development.

Major global companies such as Facebook, Nvidia and Nike have already bid on this market by investing in platforms that allow for the creation of 3D avatars, space. collaboration for the development of new metaverses and technologies for gaming, e.g.

In the country, Banco do Brasil also started the previous experience on GTA game server, for example.

faced with such a latent trend, It is important that many people begin to wonder how to keep up with new events and manage to have an impact your business is in the middle of a lot of news. Experts from various sources commented on the key points of listening for Brazilian startups in this new era.

Desirable items

For Lucas Schoch, founder and CEO of Bitfy, the metaverse is an ecosystem of the best untapped potential, yet still incipient with notoriety from the sports and art sector. Major players in the market are beginning to appear in different metaverses, based on sales information of various types, avatars, and real estate, for example.

For administrators, what has proved so far, however, is the economics of this industry, where it is necessary to develop archival assets, and thus Bitfy personal data stored access into the metaverse as an actor.

All purchases in this virtual reality world are made using NFT (a currency that expands on the metaverse as a payment method), derived from cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum), which later became the consumer’s desire.

Connectivity and 5G

In the communications industry, Jotta Fernandes, CXO of mobtech Veek, understands that the role of digital marketers is to connect Brazilians in an easy and accessible way, using 5G technology. to make this situation.

“Along with other work, veek works on Pave Road for technology output, when we look at Chinese devices at more than 200 gigabytes per second,” he defended.

increase health

Just as many industries are now competing to have a metaverse presence, treatment is also moving in that direction, beyond what it already is. Virtual information using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies is already a practice in the metaverse concept. Physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and telemedicine itself are examples of this advancement.

“Although experts say it will still take years to come up with the best and most complete model of change, we already have the status quo of the latest technology available. has, including in line with 5G, which, by itself, will be able to improve our navigation, ”explains Rafael Almeida, product manager at healthtech Saúde da Gente.

E-commerce news

From banks to retailers, migration to the metaverse occurs. Also, there are people who were born special in this situation, even before it became “hyped”. This is the case of Code Coast, a reality augmented startup whose main goal is the independence of technology in the Brazilian e-commerce business.

For the metaverse period, the company will be the provider and partner for this project, as it includes a wide range of functions, such as media and marketing, retail, gardening. housing, construction, etc.

“The Augmented Reality market in Brazil is still under-explored, leaving us on the ocean of path and development”, explains Ismael Nascimento, CTO of the initiative.

Metaverse expands the market but is competitive

Gabriel Figueira, a digital communications specialist and head of marketing at Zappts, a technology company, is a key beneficiary of a new type of relationship, thanks to they can innovate the use of the metaverse, from the promotion of products to the integration of modern workers, for example.

“Using the foundations of innovation, the metaverse has helped boost the gaming market. Major companies such as Nike, Itaú and Vans have been working with virtual environments to reach out. a new niche, and therefore, put themselves in this new space. ”, he said

Last year Nike introduced Nikeland in the Roblox game – players can create their own virtual worlds, plus other game participants can interact with the design experience in the platform.

In addition, Athletics announced the acquisition of the company Artifact Studios, which specializes in the production of sneakers and digital accessories. The company focuses on growth in the metaverse and connects with people who love fashion and sports.

Itaú, on the other hand, created the campaign # 2022EmUmaPalavra, with the goal of gaining the popularity of the gamer audience for the company. Insert a collection of ads in Cidade Alta, on OutPlay’s RolePlay server, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Finally, Vans also entered Roblox – like Nike -, and created Vans World, where you could shop and customize a variety of custom sneakers while playing. The company also wants to leverage the digital world of online sports and fashion.

In addition, according to experts, as much as the metaverse well-liked, the subsequent competition of the environment around people who want to use the virtual environment in modern work, below, check two of them:

  • Data security: Companies are more concerned about data security, so it does not feel that there is a constant change in the IT environment. The metaverse needs a new level for the protection of personal data and what is accomplished in a virtual environment, considered an asset.
  • Time and space: When we compare physical and virtual reality, the perception of time and space will be different, because the perception of our body is lower in the metaverse. The connection of time and space should convey comfort and experience when the user is in a virtual environment.

In addition, referring to the previous experience that change can provide, it is possible to evaluate it from two perspectives:

  • 1) Experience: where you have a virtual headset that allows you to immerse yourself in our space around the metaverse, creating avatars and connecting people anywhere in the world;
  • 2) Experience through screens: through a computer or smartphone, like Gather, which allows a world where users can work together.

Metaverse and marketing agencies

Saulo Camelo, CEO of Camelo Digital, a business organization that has been in the business for more than a decade.With the metaverse, new generations of remote work and consumption will dynamize online shopping and human relationships, providing a potential to grow more and more in the network.

According to him, in this way, everything can be accomplished together: work, watch videos, access streaming platforms and share content on the web. According to Saulo Camelo, take into account these ideas from the Metaverse.

It has also been pointed out that the applications of Metaverse are endless because they can support human interaction without having to share parts of the body. In this way, virtual offices, 3D tours, presentations and fairs will become increasingly popular.

“The Metaverse will be a good move for every company’s industry. The new technology will need to add more workers far behind the spread. In addition, elsewhere The key is to raise money online, using virtual resources only. We will take our user experience to the next level and grow in this niche. Combining technology with long-distance work, the terms ‘innovation’ and ‘profitability’ can never be more closely integrated, “he said.

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