Metaverse can be the cure for relationship breakdown

That metaverse will change the relationship of the site, we already know. But the expert expresses his view by saying that the mutation could be a correction to the chemical reactions created in the previous literature.

Metaverse (Image: Tumisu by Pixabay)

Conflict between positive and negative thoughts about the change

We’ve touched on the details first, presenting the possible “threat” of the metaverse, about security. Some experts oppose the idea that website 3.0 could pose a potential threat to cybercriminals and other malicious people.

In an interview with the website CyberNewsOne of the major developers of the internet and its evolutions, Brian Shuster, has announced that he is optimistic about the potential taken by the metaverse, especially on his platform which will have at the end of the year, Utherverse.

For Brian, his platform will provide the best experience in the metaverse, with terrorists being monitored to prevent the development of their careers in the new situation.


Shuster is also a conflict. In the early 90’s it was responsible for creating a pornographic content site. But since then, he has started to focus on developing procedures to improve the internet.

The internet leader sees the change as an opportunity to reverse the devastation Brian claims have caused by social media such as Facebook, which he has accused of creating the site. that anger can lead to racism and that virtual separation is common.

Fighting there is no separation between the metaverse and the media

We have begun to see tremendous growth in segregation after Covid spread everywhere. How to avoid this difference? Exclusion is inaccurate with the emergence of social interactions in Web 2.0, as media that allows algorithms to create bubbles for similar speech, create outrage and restrict access for different opinions.

One of the best solutions would be to – even – – remove the advertising medium. But the disadvantages and drawbacks depend on education. Understand that we are engaging with real people in avatars or profiles. There are many ways to get out of the way of health, causing constant anxiety.

Many experts, including Brian, defend the development of Web 3.0 in a more holistic way, with the community being built around and by change, without “major changes.” “, as the” active “generation has already adapted more to technology ideas.

In this way, every move from one state to another (from 2.0 to 3.0) can be fun, supportive, and fun. This can be supportive and “gamified” to promote a truly positive interaction.

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