Metaverse, blockchain, Web3: running away from reality or building a new world? – Business season

Virtual Reality (Image: Hero Images // Getty Images)

Where will the metaverse lead us? (Image: Hero Images // Getty Images)

Something that got my heart in South by Southwest (SXSW) if people seem to have a very strong desire cut out provided real life. This happens in many ways, in different lectures and tracks. It is very true to me that, despite what has happened in recent years, with spread of disease and now with warPeople are looking for an escape from the truth that can sometimes be very difficult.

For example, when we talk about metaverse, which is one of the most talked about topics at the event, is nothing more than a cut out of the real world. You cut yourself out of your daily life and enter a world where you can do everything – any other character, an accomplished person, even a hero. Thus, the metaverse is the highest representation of this theory for the escape of reality.

In other ways, we have entered into difficult discussions about new treatments for mental illness, involved psychedelic drugs and medical cannabis. Here, again, we have people who are still looking for cuts from the real world, for something else. It may be that they are looking for connections with themselves, or with special groups. So maybe it’s a cut in search of connections.

There are still ways Web 3.0, decentralized internet. Here is a brief description. You see, Web 1.0 has set the world record, because it has so much. 2.0 set up the network, because the data is very large. And Web 3.0 will set up a global resource, because networks are waterlogged and plentiful. And the organization of these assets will be the basis for people to be able to move on to the metaverse in the future.

When you talk about Web 3.0, blockchain, crypto tools, all of these are part of the same organization that will work for people to interact, work and in a different way in the future. . And all of this technology and technology is relevant, to some extent, to reality. Cryptocurrencies allow you to trade without intermediaries, without currency, without seeing the person you are trading with. Out of reality.

is this good or bad? No way of knowing. The knowledge is that we are creating something that we can only enjoy in the future, when everything comes together. Because we still do not know what these new rules will be. I do not have this fancy idea that collaboration would give back to the user management that is in the hands of big technology, for example. I think the new model is only bringing new issues, which we are not yet aware of. Today, with the emphasis on the internet, we are having serious problems in filtering or retrieving information. Consider a decentralized network.

In the metaverse it is the same. We already know the online world, we know how to track it – using Web 2.0 instruction. But what about the so-called “internet of the future”? What is the guarantee that we will have interference, that is, can easily jump from one edge to another, and can connect what I am doing in edge one with two edges? Or to bridge the gap between my A persona and my B persona? We do not know, that is a fact.

Humans can absorb new meaning from the lines out, as the world changes on an exponential scale. The metaverse and web 3.0 are exponential leaps, which we will only understand in a few years. Psychedelics also point to the unknown world. And all this has to do with separation, because it happens on other planes, not here. Where this will take us, I do not know. This is the new world, and I have no answer. But after SXSW, I’m sure I have new questions.

* Flavio Pripas is Digibee’s Chief Strategy Officer


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