Metaverse: an (old) eXp trend – real estate and urban development

When today we talk about the metaverse as a similarity in the future of trade and relations, the eXp do Look at its history and know what its vision was like 13 years ago, create a real estate business with a 100% virtual world based design. Global Equivalent has been making eXp a reality since 2009, and today it operates and welcomes more than 72,000 delegates spread across 18 countries from five countries.

While pioneering, this approach and functionality means that today is the future of the internet and the industry, as a powerful tool that is here and that is revolutionizing the way we influence, how we work, how we communicate with everyone. other. others and how these brands and companies communicate with each of us.

In the last 13 years, digital has grown and taken to a size that seemed impossible at the time. After this growth, some businesses moved to online and others were born 100% digital. However, the online continues to evolve and the metaverse is seen by many as a changing world.

But what is eXp “metaverse” anyway?

In simple terms, eXp has its own technology that creates virtual reality environments where users can interact with others, through avatars, in an immersive world where people meet, work. , chat, play, buy or learn, all in eXp World, the “metaverse” of eXp Realy.

Take a look at this description and refer to the eXp world, this is what happens in the daily life of these gardeners. Each representative has their own avatar and takes on the world of everyday work, meeting, business, study or relationships, with the great ability to communicate and interact with Experts who live in any part of the world, there are no restrictions. work well together, network or build a business.

The term was first heard in 1992 when Neal Stephenson wrote “Snow Crash” and presented the concept of interconnected physical, augmented and virtual realities as the main scenario.

And recently he took a new picture when in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus and announced that Facebook would transform into a metaverse company. In 2021, this vision began to come to life with the change in the name of the company he owned and with the promise that the future of social networking combined with the integration of real life. real and virtual, in a place where you can do almost anything imaginable. allowed, use avatars.

At eXp, the change has been your reality since the beginning. In the eXp world there are 18 different countries, each with its own virtual office and a place where everyone can live, meet, exchange and share, like a global city. answer really.

In the case of eXp, the world has come to life at the hands of Virbela, a group of companies that create interactive virtual worlds for distance work, training and events. . 100% immersive, low-interaction and collaborative 3D space where business and personal experience come to life, while allowing teams to interact and work together more. But in addition to more productive, with faster, more cost-effective, and safer operation, and work-life balance, digitization is also a better option. Less paper, less natural resources, less energy, less waste, and less travel.

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