Messier, NHL Great, was Starstruck from Colt who gave his name

When Messier enters the starting lineup as one of the favorites for the 148th Kentucky Derby, he will be trying to become the third Canadian-bred horse to win the race. A lot of people would have promised him, a few more thoughts than the man he named after, the former NHL great Mark Messier.

Mark Messier, born in St. Albert, Alberta, won the Stanley Cup tournament, five with the Edmonton Oilers and one with the New York Rangers, and was the only player to lead two teams for the final hockey trophy.

Tom Ryan, the director of SF Racing, the owner of the horse, married Katie Hughes, daughter of Pat Hughes, who played with Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the cup in 1984 and 1985.. Katie Hughes’s uncle Mark Napier also played in the 1985 team.

A few years ago, Ryan and his family attended an Oilers conference in Edmonton, and Ryan said he admired Messier after talking to him that he knew he wanted to sign up for a horse after he .

When it comes to nicknames, born at Sam-Son Farm in Milton, Ontario, and bought for $ 470,000 a year, Ryan knows this is the name of the game.

Hughes has a need for Ryan.

“The only thing I told him when he told me I wanted to sign up for Messier was if he got it better,” Hughes said. “Messier is a great way to play the game, and you do not want to mess with a name like that.”

Until now, the horse held its last to the race. He finished first or second in the start, earning $ 435,600.

Mark Messier, who is an observer for ESPN and is covering the NHL playoffs, could not make it to the Derby. But he did the horse work and would make it to his home from Greenwich, Conn., Along with his brother, Paul, and his father, Doug, a former sportsman and trainer and avid horse racing fan.

Mark Messier said, “We all just love him,” adding that he once bought his father a horse as a Christmas present.

Hughes was diagnosed with coronavirus and will be cared for at his home in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Mark Messier’s leadership helped the Rangers end up in the 54-year-old Stanley Cup rain in 1994, earning him the nickname Messiah. He was also known as Moose because of his determination, violence and power. Messier breeders say the colt had similarities when he was younger.

Native to Messier will love pulling into the Belmont Stakes next month with the Triple Crown on the line and drawing advice from a man with another nickname, perhaps most importantly: Mr . June.

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