Mercedes: Not so rich in Baku, but worse

“I’m glad to tell you that Lewis is here in the Brackley office this morning. I spent a few hours with him and he’s fine. He’ll be driving back to Montreal.” To reassure Hamilton fans, James Vowles, who in a short post-regular press conference, clarified the issue alleged by Mercedes in Baku, starting with the overthrow of the W13s.

“We have pushed the technical package too far and as a result what our drivers have to face – Wolves admits – we have put them in an awkward position and we will not do it again.”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Steve Etherington / Motorsport Images

The greatest curiosity that arose from Mercedes strategists’s analysis of why Hamilton and Russell had to fight all week with a car jumping to the limit of driving.

All of this, after being in Barcelona, ​​the team technicians almost celebrated the effectiveness of the new development, which from what we saw in Montmelò really solved the problem. What happened in Baku seems to be an immediate return to the past, but Vowles describes a different scenario.

George Russell, Mercedes W13

George Russell, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Red Bull Content Pool

“Let me start by saying that each circuit affects this aspect differently. Of all the songs we have done so far, I would like to say that Baku is the worst for us as well as Barcelona at best, they are the two songs that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the technical package. Ours. But I think it’s worth understanding the difference between porpoising, bounceing and bottoming, the three words we hear most often during the year. This is often related to the same problem.

“In the first race of the season we suffered a lot from falling and a huge effort was made to bring a package of evolution to the streets of Barcelona to solve this problem and I believe we Step forward. “

Mercedes W13: Front suspension

Mercedes W13: Front suspension

“In Barcelona the car is stable and we can reduce it and this is the key. We can work on the installation and by reducing the ground clearance, the performance has arrived. Concealed by the first. I’m sure we’ve stepped forward in terms of porpoising, but we have clearly seen that this car bounces in almost the same way as what we have seen for Barcelona, ​​but it’s The difference is small. ”

“Right now we are working with low cars thanks to the initial troubleshooting, but for this reason a strong recovery has emerged as a problem and this is what we have seen in Baku.”

“We started the weekend trying to lower the car, but paying at each off-road, it is clear we still have a long way to go to fight for the top spot, but I confirm that there will be a track. “The situation will be very different.”

At the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes engineers managed for the first time this season to set a stronger installation, especially on the front of the suspension. What we saw in Baku was the result of an installation at a level where the underside of the car touched Rubber road as the suspension reaches the end of the stroke.

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“We do not expect as many returns as we did in Baku – concluded Vowles – but the positive side is that we have come to understand a new perspective on car behavior. In Montreal I do not expect Not much difference compared to the prices on the pitch seen in Baku, Red Bull and Ferrari will still be a reference point that we will have to deal with, but I do not think there will still be gaps seen when “From last weekend.”

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