Meet YugiCripto, a card game with NFT that promises to be extremely successful

Do you know YugiCripto, the new online NFT card game that has promised to be successful not only among gamers, but also with traders? If you are still unfamiliar with this new development, follow us and learn all about the new NFT card that will change the game world.

What is Yugi Crypto?

YugiCripto is a new blockchain-based, NFT-centric online magic card game. This game, visually appealing, promises to provide a wide range of technologies with a vision of improvement and easy access, where it can be done on a single platform only. have fun and benefit while playing.

The YugiCripto project was further researched by foreign investors, combined with the experience of Brazilian programmers in the industry, for the development of the new NFT game.

What is the history of YugiCrypto?

As the name suggests, this is a game inspired by the classic YuGiOh cartoon story, but not all! YugiCripto stands out in this arena with incredible stories and dramatic changes in what is planned in the gaming world.

In this super game created by a Brazilian team, you play as a trainer who decides to go somewhere else to save a friend. The story takes place in a disaster-stricken city, where the wizard uses crystals created from that disaster to increase his power and create beautiful creatures and have movement.

The game is scheduled for release in the first half of this year and promises to be a unique experience. In the game, you are faced with the challenge of modifying your deck, getting stronger cards and getting stronger in compliance with your goal.

How will YugiCrypto work?

Development expectations around YugiCripto are high. And it can not be different, after all, ogo is created by a team of professionals. In addition, the game can be played in 3 different modes, one is completely free.

type of story

In this mode, also known as “PVE” (player versus environment or player versus environment), the player has the freedom to move, compete against the game itself. This is the free-to-play mode the game has, and in addition to providing a way to win, it does not disappoint.

This is the first game in Latin America to offer rewards to players who only use the free-to-play mode. Because it is a free model for the game, you can expect some restrictions – for example, the card you buy is free of charge – but make no mistake: the experience is good very high!

Extension Transmission Type (PVP)

This is one of the paid game modes, and a darling of many. As the name suggests, in Liga dos Elos, players play against other players, and with each method the winner gets more points.

The good news is that, 12 months later, the top players meet each other in the league and the winner walks away with a cash prize. The experience promises a lot of happiness and, for the winner, a real prize.

Arena Mode

In this mode, players go head to head in a straightforward and easy way: each player places a bet, the bet is on their own, and then the tournament begins. The game randomly finds a candidate who accepts the bet and the players duel.

In all modes, the game has some minimum requirements for the number of cards per deck. Like other games, YugiCripto has some rules, but nothing difficult to learn.

Explore some of the new developments that will come with YugiCripto

In addition to the promise of online gaming, the game also promises to change the NFT gaming market, and promises to do so not only with its advantages, but also with a system designed to be competitive.

Everyone who has experience with NFT sports knows this is a common problem. In this world, many games end up focusing on the player’s past experience, impacting the tournament and, ultimately, rewarding those who give the most. The problem with this is that the game quickly loses its enjoyment and becomes extremely enjoyable.

Another advantage of the YugiCripto consensus is that the game is card-based. Few mechanics are as popular as this, after all, most people are familiar with the quality and history of card games. This time, YugiCripto’s inspiration helped him get closer to the players.

And another great theme is the design world for the game. One of the main features of YugiCripto is the story design for the game and the world that contains it. Cute characters, strong and interesting creatures, mystical powers and the challenge of becoming the best trainer are the characters that endear gamers. The game will also have international rankings and promises to open up more leagues to attract its players to the international level.

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