Meet Amazon’s New Display Smart Device

Echo Show 15, announced worldwide at the end of last year, arrived in Brazil on Wednesday (11). With a 15.6-inch (40 cm diagonal) screen and built-in Alexa virtual assistant, it is Amazon’s smartest device. Here it costs about R $ 1,804.

tilt It already knows the products nearby and shows the details of the launch and the first impressions below.

Speaking or almost a TV?

The new Echo Show ushers in a new category of Amazon products: it is “smart display” and not “smart speaker” like other Echo’s.

“Designed to make life easier for families, the device has new features with widgets that allow you to leave messages, add items to your shopping list, add water “Look at the calendar or a person, and still manage smart home appliances from one place.”, Jacques Benain, director of products at Amazon Brazil, said during the presentation publishing articles for journalists.

Echo Show 15 - Marcella Duarte - Marcella Duarte

There are many ways to use Echo Show 15

Photo: Marcella Duarte

First contact

At first glance, the Echo Show 15 looks like a touchscreen information panel similar to that of a totem pole in museums and shops.

It can be placed vertically or horizontally – in this mode it looks like a pole. A black and white “paspatur” frame (space for display) supports this as well. It is recommended to install it on the wall, in portrait or landscape mode.

The launch comes with supports (including TV, fixing with hair screw and plug insert) and formwork to avoid mistakes when drilling. If you want to put it on a piece of furniture or a shelf, you have to buy a pedestal, sold separately.

With plastic construction, it is light, weighing more than 2 kg. The power supply comes with a power line of up to 1.5 m – meaning it must be installed close to the outlet as it must be permanently connected.

Echo Show 15 - Marcella Duarte - Marcella Duarte

Bottom of the Echo Show 15, with speaker, font, and bracket insert

Photo: Marcella Duarte

How can you use it?

Billboards, picture frames, clocks, TVs, smart home appliances: these are just some of the features of the Echo Show 15.

It can customize the home screen with the best gadgets for the family, such as weather forecasts, light commands, music, calendars and the new “Sticky Notes” notes. (“send it” that you can place on yourself and others).

And this is where the power of Echo Show 15 lies: the possibility of personal content appearing as anyone is watching. Simply set the profile of each household member and register a face (as complete for cell phone lock screen) to know when you pass.

Thus, there is a general screen, with information sharing of the house, and a unique one for everyone, with their own procedures, their warnings, their favorite sounds. music.

Echo Show 15 - Marcella Duarte - Marcella Duarte

Echo Show 15 in portrait orientation

Photo: Marcella Duarte

The idea is that you walk through it and stop, get up, look at your own page and control what you want. Requests can be made by voice, from any location that the virtual assistant can hear, such as:

  • “Alexa, write to my brother walking the dog.”
  • “Alexa, let everyone know about dinner on Sunday.”
  • “Alexa, show me the purchase order.”

“In my first opinion, the touch screen on the screen uses more commands than commands – for example, if you’re already in the front, it’s easier to click.” turn off “light than ask” Alexa., turn off bedroom light “; or when you do not want to make noise, because someone is asleep.

Sometimes, however, the touch response takes longer than expected, and you may not know it if you have been diagnosed; the black screen for a few minutes while the intelligence is loading.

In addition, some physical commands require long-distance mobility – such as in-store totem -, which ends up being a little weird, standing up, for adults using a smartphone. But it is better for children or adults.

Facial recognition

According to Amazon, Echo Show 15 works with the most advanced technology, the AZ2 Neural Edge, which has eight cores (much better) and technology to work with intelligence. As a result, the device is able to complete face recognition on its own, without having to access another server.

The company claims that this kind of collaboration improves data privacy and security, as it does not leave Echo Show 15.

In order to work properly, the camera must be turned on. It has a body lid, which can be opened at any time.

The camera can also be used for making phone calls – it works on Echo devices or smartphones with the Alexa app – and monitors the home, for example, watching your pets while you are away.

If the user does not want the face recognition function, they can remove their Visual ID in the setup tool or in the Alexa app. Responsibilities are selective and need clear approval, the company said.


With the big screen, the video experience is a plus. When in landscape (horizontal) orientation, the Echo Show 15 returns 1080p Full HD images. You can watch videos and videos on Prime Video and Netflix streaming, which are always together; Youtube content can be accessed with minimal access, through a browser (Amazon’s Silk, which allows you to access any website, including tablets).

For my use, I live alone and I already have Echos in the living room and bedroom, I think the kitchen would be a great place. You can check out the recipe while I cook (Cookpad and Panelinha skills are really nice), or even watch a section of the movie.

Decor items

Echo Show 15’s screen also ends up being a beautiful item. You can set up the image section of the panel – there are pre-selected options and you can use your own image as the digital image.

The IPS LCD panel has the best performance, but the contrast is a bit demanding. So be careful when choosing a installation location – as the mirror has a very good reflectivity, light can enter the street.

Echo Show 15 - Marcella Duarte - Marcella Duarte

Echo Show 15 in landscape orientation

Photo: Marcella Duarte


You never get them all. To include such a large screen, in a thin device connected to the wall, one feature ends up as “assault”: the sound. Not a bad thing. It is stereo and very enjoyable for watching video or playing music later.

But it does not have that power, for example, as a party, like Echo Show 10 (with a turn screen that follows you and the speaker) or Echo Studio (with honest sound) .

It can connect a Bluetooth headset to the device, if you do not want to disturb the house while watching some movies or listening to music.

Is it worth it?

The equipment is not cheap, but there are no products like Echo Show 15 in the competition – which works better with speakers.

It is interesting to work as the “digital heart of the home”, where it can be integrated with a variety of devices, including other Echo, smart lights and Alexa-compatible home appliances. The screen interface is very intuitive and voice commands do not work.

If you have a family, and you want to make your daily life more digital, the Echo Show 15 can be a great investment.

Now, for singles or for a single couple, you will love the Echo Show 10, which is a similar price. It has the same smart home operation, has a smaller screen and more powerful sound.

Launch for sale today on Amazon website and major retailers in the following options:

  • R $ 1,899, up to 10 interest free payments.
  • R $ 1,804.05 in cash with 5% discount.
  • Support for furniture will soon be available, in two versions, one tiltable (R $ 149) and another tilting and rotating (R $ 199).

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