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After a frustrating start to the season, with the fight to avoid relegation in Campeonato Paulista, Santos had a good time. Second place in the Brazilian Championship, Peixe advanced to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil and still qualified in the Copa Sudamericana.

While participating in the program “Tá na Área”, by SporTV, coach Marcos Leonardo talked about the good times of Santos, who scored three goals, something did not happen tested since June last year.

– The river is turning. We know the importance of starting the Brazilian Championship well, including the Copa do Brasil and Sudamericana. We are improving, engaging with every game like the end and we are on the right track.

The No. 9 shirt of Peixe also mentions the work of Fabián Bustos. According to him, coach Santos has a “white big” style and contributes to the development of the players in the team.

– With every trainer I can keep good points. Busts are special. Loves work, lots of training. He’s a big dad, likes to talk to the team, understands the player side and we understand him. I believe this is helping everyone to be the best – says Marcos Leonardo, who also said that, at the time of the criticism, the Argentine did not underestimate himself.

Marcos Leonardo, from Santos, in an interview with “Tá na Área” – Photo: Repeat

Check out other excerpts from Marcos Leonardo’s interview:

Cooperation with Léo Baptistão

– Leo is a simple man to play. He was very smart, he played in Europe, at Atletico Madrid. It is very easy to play with it from the side.

Assembly with cast body replacement

– Yes, yes. There has been a big change in our team. We had meetings of athletes for everyone to hold some responsibilities. Everyone managed the best performance and help on the field, with the result, with the joy that the fans deserved. With many wins.

The importance of Ricardo Goulart

– Ricardo is unique in and out of place. It helps young people. A special player, who won many titles. It adds up and will help us a lot this season.

Preparation for professionalism and fellowship with the new Meninos da Vila

– I’m very happy. Every kid dreams of making it to the pro. Ever since I was little, I have always kept in mind that when I have time to climb, I will do my best. It has always been my dream to wear Santos number 9 jersey, score multiple goals and bring joy. This dream is not just mine, it is my father, the whole family. The boys climbed up, Lucas stood out a lot. They are very good men, intelligent and determined to play.

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