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Atlético-MG announced earlier this Tuesday the winning pattern of the 3rd edition of the “Manto da Massa” competition. In a poll with more than 69,000 voters, Will Rios’ founder was chosen by 13 finalists, receiving more than 57,000 valid votes.

Atlético-MG fans choose third “Manto da Massa” – Photo: Share / Atlético

For the first time, the shirt was completely black. As a rule of thumb, the design was inspired by Atlético’s future stadium, Arena MRV.

The designs chosen come with Atlético retro characters, and have a beautiful combination of memorable details in the club history through the art of stripes that honor the future home of Galo. The foundation, first name, mascot design and other major names in the club’s 114-year history are some of the developments.

Together, Atlético received 947 designs with shirt designs from fans. Thirteen were elected by the club as finalists, and after 13 days of voting, Will Rios’s model was the majority voter of more than 69,000 voters. As a gift, he will receive a shirt, one year of CNG Forte Vingador and R $ 13 thousand.

Return of the “Manto da Massa” 2022, selected by Atlético-MG fans – Image: Share / Atlético

In 2022, Atlético will replace its athletic equipment. As of July, Adidas will replace Le Coq Sportif, which signs for Mantos da Massa. The German giant, in agreement with Galo, left the club free to follow the project, although he, at the front, chose to participate in the formation.

The jersey is already on sale, with a special ticket for GNV and Arena MRV members, with a starting price of R $ 219.90 (Click here). From 9:02 a.m. Friday, GNV, Galo BMG and Arena MRV members pay R $ 289.99. For non-members, the cost will be R $ 389.90. In less than an hour, more than 5,000 shirts were sold exclusively to Galo members of Veia Forte & Vingador.

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest announcement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign Premiere!”

The “Manto da Massa” is a project developed by Atlético-MG by 2020. That year, the first edition of the competition created 110 thousand shirts sold in two weeks online, making it profitable for the club of R $ 9 million. There was a problem with shipping the shirts, and the logistics process was updated in 2021.

Last year, Atlético re-launched “Manto da Massa 113”, in contrast to the anniversary. There were almost 120,000 shirts in the second, with revenues of R $ 20 million for the club (profits of R $ 7 million). For this year, the cube projection is up to R $ 11 million.

13 last people of Manto da Massa 2022; Model 3 is the winner – Image: Share / Atlético

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