Mano accepted the first half under Inter and regretted the goal at the end: “It should end 1-0 for us” | Worldwide

1-1 draw with Juventude in stoppage time of Alfredo Jaconi thrashing Mano Menezes. The coach acknowledged that Inter’s performance before the break was not good. However, the team came back from a break and achieved the goal early on, but when it needed to get a good result, it did balance.

– Juventude play with high defense to keep us high. This created a construction problem for us, but it gave us the ability to recover. The team is back to take advantage of this. The reality of predicting a goal too early can change a bit. The most important thing is that at that level (of the game) it should end 1-0 for us – sorry coach.

The coach does not hide team problems in the interview after the game. Mano avoided the accusation, but spoke openly about the performance. The first stage has Colorado added back. Juventude bet, mostly, on the promotion to the right of colorada protection. Still in the first half, the trainer encouraged change to reduce the risk.

– Juventude has a better first half than us. We have a tougher race and they have more games. This often ends with more opportunities, more pressure on our ultimate defense. We suffer, but we suffer. I switched at the end of the first half, to have two rows of four and holding. I think it got better.

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Mano Menezes can not leave with victory over Caxias – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Announcement, Internacional

In the final stage, the team returns with Pedro Henrique in the center of Alemão. And, in the first minute, Carlos de Pena kicked in the head of Vitão, which opened the scoring. Juventude seeks restraint and gives way. Inter, then, missed the opportunity, a key in the Bustos attack that Pedro Henrique ended up kicking.

During the stop, at 47, when really like a guarantee, punishment came. Paulinho led the white ball to Óscar Ruiz, who stood above Renê and held the tie. Mano understands that the path of expansion should be acknowledged in the course of the season.

– It’s time you need to close the game. The enemy killed. You have to take advantage, develop other ways to define or hold the ball away from the target. And so on. Training, team building. It will be a lesson for us not to let it happen again – introduced Mano.

With the result, Inter has eight points and in eight places in Brasileirão. Mano Menezes’ team will return to the venue for Brasileirão only next Saturday, when they host Corinthians. The tournament will be played at 19:00 in Beira-Rio.

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