Manchester City unveiled the Aguero Tower on the 10th anniversary of the historic goal | English football

Manchester City celebrate this Friday the 10th anniversary of one of their most important goals: the ball that Agüero pushed to the back of the net in the 48th minute and 20 seconds of the second half. . match against Queens Park Rangers on May 13, 2012. And as a sign of the milestone of the move that gave the club the English title for the 2011/12 season, a tower was opened in honor of the Argentine striker.

Aguero tower unveiled by Manchester City – Image: Share / Manchester City

Early on Friday, Manchester City unveiled the sculpture, which was made more evenly using galvanized steel. It will be on the east side of Manchester City Stadium, the third act made in the history of the new era of the team – defender Kompany and midfielder David Silva also have idols in stadium.

According to the club, the tower also congratulated Agüero on his “incredible contribution” to Manchester City’s success and said the goal was scored in the game’s history “without exception. Unbelief is one of the greatest moments in the history of the sport “.

At the time, Manchester City were battling for their first English title after being bought by a wealthy group from the United Arab Emirates in 2008 – which would remain the first team since 1968. The team has reached the end of the Premier League tie. at points with United rivals, but with eight goals to the advantage of the equalizer: in theory, it was enough to win at home against QPR, who were opposed to relegation. But the place for it is fraught with drama.

After opening the scoring in front of the fans, Roberto Mancini’s team turned against the opponent who was a man lost in the second half. The Citizens only managed to draw 2-2 in the 46th, with Dzeko, and five minutes of extra time were repeated team hopes. There, City needed one more goal to win, as the match between United and Sunderland ended with a win for Manchester United. Until, at 48:20, came the symbolic move: Agüero scored with Balotelli, dribbled the defense and kicked hard into history.

Note Aguero’s historical purpose:

The city has been taxing the name and history movement since last week with memorabilia, with the number 10, about 10 years of the anniversary, and the name “Agüeroooo” – which was used from players in the warm-up of confrontation against Newcastle. The shirt worn by the team in the current season was also inspired by the one worn from 2011/122.

– Sergio Agüero’s involvement for Manchester City at the time of the club’s decision cannot be overstated. There is no doubt he is one of the best athletes ever made in the sport. When our fans thought of Sergio, they immediately pulled to the mark at 93:20, and the goal that made the club the first name in 44 years. But as his club records of 260 goals have been revealed, his history and impact at Manchester City goes far beyond that. It only fits that Sergio has confessed with the tower on his own, “City chairman of the board, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, told the club’s official website.

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