Man chases Maisa online and scares fans

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Released on 03/21/2022 22:43 / Updated on 03/22/2022 07:32

Man chases Maisa online and scares fans

(Credit: Playback / Instagram)

A man named Diego Renan is using every interview to introduce himself to announcer Maisa Silva. Diego expresses his thoughts in detail and concerns.

In a video posted on Twitter, she said she was “in love” with Maisa.

According to the website Istoe, one of the content removed by Diego, he said that his life had become “hell” after the separation of Maisa and her ex-boyfriend , Nicolas Aashiro.

“He was talking and I was quiet. After he broke up, my life went to hell, gossip from that, like: ‘he”s looking ‘,’ he’s so with it. -and-so ‘… I do not eat, I’ I do not drink well, my life turns back, “the man said on the site.

Still in the statement, the defendant was not satisfied with the allegations relationships of the actress with the forró singer João Gomes: “João Gomes deals with occult forces, beware Maisa. This man will bind you. Protect yourself, which is a spell”, he added.

“João Gomes was filming Maisa on the show, the boring man, in fact, what he was doing was a crime, like he was chasing Maisa. Do not live with the man Maisa, he no to you. Look at me, Maisa “.

Last Sunday, Diego Renan refused to send a threat to João, who recently exchanged various contacts with Maisa on social media and posted a picture of both of his faces. sold Twitter, which made the man angry.

“Son of a bitch, delete the Maisa picture, it’s another warning. You’re playing with good luck, you knock at the devil’s door so he answers many times, he just warns me then find you “, he writes.

Diego also slammed some fans who were concerned about the ads and said “Miles puts at risk of life with this in the community”. He responds by saying that he “has no one left” and that the criticism will be “ass pain in the ass”.


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