Lucid Motors followed its production target despite a slow quarter.

Lucid Motors, the maker of electric vehicles seen as a potential competitor to Tesla, said on Thursday that it had delivered a few hundred cars only in the first quarter of the year but kept suppose it is still on sale at least 12,000 by the end of 2022.

The company, led by one of Tesla’s top top engineers, has been considered one of the best startups to start electric vehicles. But it disappointed traders in February when it announced problems producing enough cars at its Arizona plant to satisfy demand, and cut its production estimates. Lucid shares have lost two-thirds of their value since November.

Lucid said he struggled to get the necessary equipment to complete the reservations he received for 30,000 vehicles. “Like many companies in our industry, we still face international-use-chain and transportation problems, including Covid-related factory closures in China,” Sherry House, Lucid’s chief financial officer said in a statement Thursday.

In the interview, Ms. House said demand for Lucid vehicles remains strong. An additional 5,000 specials received since February will, if they become a fixed order, translate into $ 500 million in additional sales, he said.

Lucid shipped 360 vehicles in the first quarter, up from 125 in the previous quarter. In April, the company shipped 300 vehicles, a sign that production was accelerating, Peter Rawlinson, who designed the Tesla Model S before looking for Lucid, said in an interview Thursday. He and Ms. House said the problems with the equipment were simple.

Mr. Rawlinson said: “We are seeing the light of the end of the present,” the company has suffered from insufficiency of some products, he said, but refused to disclose the which.

The company reported a loss of $ 81 million in the first quarter of 2022 on sales of $ 58 million. In the same quarter a year earlier, when the company’s earnings were negligible, Lucid reported a loss of $ 2.9 billion.

Lucid’s debut product, the $ 169,000 Lucid Air Dream Edition sedan, was named Car of the Year by MotorTrend magazine, praising the car’s styling, workmanship and range of nearly 520 miles. Lucid and Tesla are the first environmental protection organizations in the category of the best electric vehicles.

But like many new car companies, Lucid has struggled in manufacturing. Lucid said on Thursday it would raise prices for the new specialty starting in June. The cheapest car will cost $ 87,400 before the government revival, and the most expensive will be $ 179,000. Tesla and other car electronics companies also raised prices significantly, pushing the car out of reach of the average consumer.

Mr. “We are experiencing particularly high stress on some of the raw materials that affect the cost of batteries,” Rawlinson said. But he also said it is “extremely promising for the future for EV adoption,” due to improved performance that will reduce costs.

With cash kept at $ 5.4 billion by investors, including the wealthy capital of Saudi Arabia, Lucid said, it has enough money to recover by 2023.

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