Jorge Jesus told friends before leaving for Lisbon on Saturday, May 7, “I do not believe in my own shadow anymore.” The former Flamengo coach and idol of fans leaves the Brazilian in a flurry of criticism and controversy. However, when he lands in Portugal, he will be the second star of the movie “The Mister Conflict in Brazil”.

Details from the interview he gave to “Bem, Amigos”, which will be announced on Monday, May 9, fear and almost a bronze eagle, which adorns the face of Estádio da Luz, ya. On the Sportv program, Jesus told the whole story of his recent departure from Benfica, in which he asked President Rui Costa to release him, claiming it would be better for the Lisbon club.

Jorge Jesus describes Benfica's departure:

Jorge Jesus describes Benfica leaving: “A day or two later, Flamengo hired Paulo Sousa”

They have entered into an agreement. There is no € 10m release clause, and the manager will still receive a bonus if he does not move to another club.

“Benfica rivals say, as a joke, that the club now has three coaches: Jorge Jesus, for whom he is still paid; Nélson Veríssimo, now; and Roger Smith, the future of which he had already agreed, “Luis Miguel Pereira, a journalist for Sport TV, from Portugal.

Part of the group protested and criticized President Rui Costa, claiming that, according to the law, if Jesus resigned, he could not get paid. Many Portuguese journalists have complained that the coach did not tell the story there, but in Brazil, on the SportTV program here.

To complete it, Hugo Cajuda, the head coach of the current Flamengo coach, Paulo Sousa, issued a stern warning to Mister, accusing him of “lack of integrity, respect and integrity”. .

All because of the announcement of UOL, reveals the details of an interview with journalist Renato Maurício Prado, at the home of President Kleber Leite. Renato declares: “He did not ask me anything and he knew I was a journalist”. Kleber, on the other hand, regrets the presentation of the dinner, “misunderstanding” and apologizes to Mister. “Jorge Jesus is worthy of some apology. I have registered here. ”

The Jesuit trip, which stopped at Sambódromo, and began with the joy and excitement of samba at the Grande Rio conquest, became samba-canção from Maysa.

Congratulations and congratulations to Jorge Jesus, who went to Nilton Santos to see Botafogo play, which praised white and white fans, who wrote with Galvão Bueno the program “Bem, Amigos”, which Fish dinner in São Paulo with Galvão and Friends of the Country Luis Castro (photo), coach Botafogo, who met singer Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, who returned to Rio on Tuesday, who taught to red-and-black actor Thiago Lacerda, immediately… he sad.

He was invited to dinner on Thursday, but said very little. To his family and neighbors, he repeatedly said that he did not respect his colleague Paulo Sousa and that, in “Bem, Amigos”, with the camera, he told Galvão that From the professional and honest point of view, it is difficult to say if he will return to Flamengo.

“I did not come here to weaken Flamengo, to think in many ways”, he assured his friends before boarding the plane.

Jorge Jesus of Fenerbahce?  The video produced by the fans shows the possibility of a contract with the Turkish club

Jorge Jesus of Fenerbahce? The video produced by the fans shows the possibility of a contract with the Turkish club

There are many emotions that may be the solution to all of this are breathing differently in the search for new ideas. Ali Koç, president of Fenerbahçe, from Turkey, has been to Portugal several times to sign Jorge Jesus. Turkish media reported an annual salary of 6 million euros (approximately R $ 35 million). However, the top hat was a bit frustrating with the Brazilian walking on items of desire. So much so that Italian Gian Piero Gasperini, the coach of Atalanta, is also under scrutiny. Asked about Jesus’ future, Turkish journalist Kerim Bastan thought “it’s going to go”, as the club and fans want him very much. If it’s on the videos that Fener fans love designed specifically for Mister, the path can grow. There are 2 minutes of montage where beautiful pictures of Estádio da Luz and Gávea are shown, showing the innumerable accomplishments of Jorge Jesus to Benfica and Flamengo. Finally, he was seen arriving in Turkey and signing a contract. Finally, a drawing with the words “Welcome to Fenerbahçe, Jorge Jesus”.

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