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A good woman with a new relationship after the age of 50 (Photo: GC Images)

In your column in the newspaper Global“Love is the best form and the best teacher is the more experienced woman,” wrote Nelson Motta, 70, a Brazilian cultural reference man. He also spoke of the urgency of men today to re-educate their loved ones and mentioned the beautiful plots of cinema, music and literature that women were born before their boyfriends. And vice versa) living passion.

I see a lot of love stories in Long live the crown. I read the stories of women who had less experience living and falling in love. I encourage all forms of love, starting with self-love, which is the most important thing that opens the way for all kinds of love. From what I see, it is through this love that affluent women (I love this expression, it has everything to do with aging) are rekindling love, sex, and relationships. Experience love in their own way with freedom and truth, without the need for confirmation from anyone other than loved ones, and most importantly, as long as it is easy, gentle, respectful and delicious.

In the great wave of “I love myself and I know what I want” I see a great show. In a post featuring good and bad dates, former model Paulina Porizkova, 50+, wrote to stakeholders: “Dear, it takes more than your desire to date me, for me to want to date. You “. Thoughts – and a lot of self-love, I love them all and you?

My love grows when I hear in real-life male conversations that “the great couple is married” (yes, it’s just nonsense between those quotes) because She does not want quality family time or future plans. Most live looking for women who are independent and complete with or without family?

All I know is that “lively” men have proven themselves to be more honest, while women have more freedom. There are many crowns that separate marital status from happiness and even turn a blind eye to those who are still involved in living a good life. For marital status. For them, love is released and begins in them for them. There are those who (like me) want to love the same man or woman every day, even if they do not love the attention and patience of each other every day, and there are those who give up (or want to Let go) of a raw ghost wedding (dead but wandering around) or a vampire (where someone gives into the jugular).

Recognition of internal power is revolutionary, and it is from this that some crowned desires fall in love and date men and women of different ages. In fact, I read more and more and wanted to know about affluent women who found love for other women like Daniela Mercury and Maitê Proença just wanted to name celebrities. And that does not mean that I do not encourage and tremble too much for those who want straight love.

The other day a follower told me she was living in a polygamous project, her husband had two more wives. Your love, your law. My love, my law. I respect all forms of respect for those involved, and I enjoy your stories that are humorous, tempting, and therefore fall in love even more.

I also support lovers like teenagers and older women like Drew Barrymore and Whoopi Goldberg claim to live well alone without men or women of all ages loving them every day in the same house. By the way, have you ever heard of people marrying their friends? I will tell you below in the list of ways to love that are worth it.

A woman who lives well is truly the master of love (and self-love). At this point, Nelson Motta is right. As much as they want to be happy, women 50+ have developed their own way of falling in love and letting themselves fall in love. And I say again, starting from self-love. What is yours?

Paulina Method: On the road, with determination, self-love and without the slightest desire to be chosen “the chosen one”

The former model and influential single went through the ordeal and warned via Instagram, “Dear, it takes more than your desire to go out with me so I want to go out with you.” . Paulina followed this song and became more confident and self-loving. Recently, he wrote, “Bad dates are all the same, while good dates are good in different ways.” Paulina gets excited about “like a fairy” and comes home loving herself more after a bad thing with someone she says “I think I should be honored by their attention because usually they They date younger. Many young women or men who do not have intuition believe that they have never met anyone because of bad luck or that they are too busy claiming that they just do not ask questions. Listen. ” He recognizes. Some kind? From what I hear, there are versions like that from different ages.

Drew Barrymore and Whoopi: In a serious (and delicious) relationship with yourself

Drew Barrymore has a talk show in the US. Ever invited actor Whoopi Goldberg to the stage and asked, “What do you have to say about a romantic relationship?” Behold, Whoopi replied, “They are not for me.” The audience went wild. Drew said he was in the same vein and at Viva A Coroa more than 300 women liked Whoopi’s speech. Having a relationship is an option and not an obligation. In the end, I shared the question asked by Whoopi to Drew, “Why do I need someone to share a bathroom with me and make me angry?” The response was laughter and the phrase, “That’s what it’s really about.”

Crown Method: Happy Marriage and Care

Hello, you introduce yourself, I’m here (laughs). I just want to talk about the pain and joy of my marriage more than anything else. I want to be the subject of someone’s article, so here I am talking about women who, like me, decide to maintain a healthy marriage and love. And I highlight the verb MAINTAIN. I love my husband, I feel so loved, and I have learned to love what makes us a happy couple in addition to our love, family, mistakes and success. I am talking about the care, daily devotion and mutual devotion that a healthy relationship requires. Yes I wrote DEMAND. I know it sounds awkward to talk about needs and care, but that’s how it is. And I say further: one day is 20%, the other must be 80% and today is usually a phase. But it is love that makes it worth it, and I’m talking about self-love, love for others, love that comes from others, love for what you live for, if you live for your family … I remember love Always a plural. There is so much love in a great love.

“Aging” method: love with intensity and complete surrender

J.Lo and Ben Afleck are the crown and re-creation of love that we have seen through the post and the “scratch” story that seems Part of a romantic comedy, but they are not the only ones. I have friends and I know about women who are in love like this, like the first and last time, delicious and possible, it is not worth forgetting Love another to destroy this great love. True love is not measured or compared with the love of oneself and others.

Samantha Method: Need a description?

Character Samantha Jones from Sex and the city, Born on television and conquered the world. Samantha wants to be happy and that’s it. His attitude freed many women.

The “Platonic Life Partners” approach: Have you ever thought about getting married without having sex or having a relationship with your best friend?

Or rather, do you and your friend no longer live like this but in a separate home? The phrase “Platinum Life Partner” or PVP stands for “Love Without Sex” and describes friends who live as lovers in the sense of sharing their lives, their dreams and most importantly, the realization of their dreams. Those.

Gracie and Frankie, the great characters of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, are PVP and crowned. They even try to marry other people and maintain their PVP status, which is something that happens in real life, but as long as all parties involved fully agree. I do not like this idea at all. Is that you?


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