“Love more and enjoy freedom without fear,” Silva said of expectations for Bloco in São Paulo.

This 7th Saturday, Silva performs with 'Bloco do Silva' in S ប៉ូo Paulo.

This 7th Saturday, Silva performs with ‘Bloco do Silva’ in S ប៉ូo Paulo. Photo: Manuela Mariano

This 7th Saturday takes place in S ប៉ូo Paulo Silva BlogWhich is estimated to gather about 12,000 guests. Directed by the singer SilvaThe 2022 edition will feature special contributions from Creole.. In addition, the event also brings Mulu, Brand, Otto and Primavera I love you.And Jude Paulla.

In an interview with Estadao, Silva talked about how expectations would return with Bloco after two years without performing with him. “I have the best expectations in the world. The last edition in S ប៉ូo Paulo is as special as it is to have Latin American Memories The crowd sang with me, it’s so loud, ”he said.

One of the novelties of 2022 is that Bloco do Silva will be recorded for the second time. The singer says he made the decision because of Bloco’s 2020 results: “I made a point in The new recording is there. [Memorial da América Latina]. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

To arouse the public in S ប៉ូo Paulo, Silva explains how he chose the songs on the set list for Saturday 7th and that he Think of songs that marked the season and kept moving.

“Basically this is a criterion, but it was drawn because the show was so big and the desire was not cut at all,” he says. Silva promises to go through popularity since the early 1990s by Daniela Mercury, Cheiro de Amor, Banda Eva, Olodum and classics by Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gerônimo and Gilberto Gil.

Silva promises to impress the public from the early 1990s, from Daniela Mercury to classics by Cetano Veloso.

Silva promises to impress the public from the early 1990s, from Daniela Mercury to classics by Cetano Veloso. Photo: Manuela Mariano

The young singer did not hide his happiness in taking the stage at the Latin American Memorial with his Bloco and considered the event a time to “mix everything and everyone”.

“Respect diversity, love more and enjoy freedom without fear of the future. It’s time to believe that life can be better. Everyone sings and dances together” That’s how he hopes this year’s edition 2022 will be.

About the special attendance of Criolo Silva says that before inviting him to the presentation, they already held a show together. “Criolo was really happy. It was great to be with him all the time and on stage he was an adult. It was a great pleasure and an honor to have him with me on this show,” he said. “He said.

As he arranges a flight with Bloco do Silva in S ប៉ូo Paulo, the singer recalls the year 2020, the year the event was one of the most coveted by the public – six performances were sold out. “It was a great surprise. Bloco was a whole new experience for me and I was very happy to see that the project was warmly welcomed by the public,” he said.

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