Level up! Games wants to hire NFT game experts

LUB Level up! game There are two job openings for professionals who want to work in the NFT gaming industry. The Philippine company has one of the largest global customers for its sports in Brazil.

One of the most popular games is World of Greatness, a free MMORPG for gamers. Other games distributed by brand are Combat Arms and Mu Online.

The goal focuses on expanding its product portfolio in the market, including mobile gaming, and may be planned to support some NFT game. It is worth noting that at present, the company does not have any product in its catalog linked to the cryptocurrency market.

Level up! Sports wants to hire experts in NFTs games, look at the offices

In recent months, in addition to the hype environment NFT written by artists, the industry has seen an increase in interest in games that use these digital certifications.

In doing so, games like Axie Infinity have become popular and appealing to new gamers, who are looking play to win (play to earn).

Major manufacturers in the industry seek to understand that they can take advantage of these tools and learn about the market. Ubisoft, for example, entered the world of NFTs and launched the “Quartz” platform, which allows gamers to exchange digital registration assets on the blockchain.

In Brazil then, the company Level Up! Game show itself is the most exciting in the industry, referring to the two open positions for NFTs professional game players. The vacancies are for Social Media Analyst and Assistant, who ask questions from people interested in NFT, cryptocurrencies, Tokenomics and Play-to-Earn (P2E).

Both offices are supposed to be run by a person in São Paulo (SP), and the enthusiasts must also be cryptocurrency enthusiasts and have a high level of English proficiency.

Professionals in both professions must have a college degree and experience with digital media, in addition to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency gaming industry

Level up! Games is a major electronic gaming company that distributes electronic games in Brazil. And one of them is Ragnarok Online, which in January 2022 became P2E, that is, it has the potential to work for the users of this game.

However, after the first few months of NFTs activity became known, many investors lost money due to the ropes of fraud in this environment. That is why, many games that arrive promise to deliver very little, which affects the chronology of this market.

In this way, fans who like the model and expect a new development from the current will be aware of the shipments from the joint ventures that have already planned. their entry into these positions.

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