Less than 50% of Brazilian players know what NFT is, says the survey

At least 74.5% of the Brazilian population is a gamer, according to a new article from the Game Brazil Survey (PGB), the largest survey in the country. This means that three out of four Brazilians play video games, whether on their cell phones, computers or consoles. This is the highest number ever recorded since the survey began in 2013, and represents an increase of 2.5 percentage points compared to last year.

The eSports (electronic sports) market is also better known: 81.2% of Brazilian gamers claim to know the game. This represents a 32.8 percent increase in points compared to last year. Of these, 63.2% followed or watched the race.

This year’s article brings information about the metaverse: although most gamers know it and like the concept, virtual devices do not exist (Image: Advertisement / Pesquisa Game Brasil)

On the other hand, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are still unknown to most players: 50.8% say they do not know what they are. On the other hand, 32.1% of those who understand the subject have NFTs. The metaverse is known to 63.8% of the community, but 70.9% do not have virtual devices to access it.

These are just some of the highlights of the study, which reached its ninth edition this Monday (18). PGB was developed by the Sioux Group company and Go Gamers, in partnership with Blend New Research and ASPM. A total of 13,051 people were interviewed, in each state of Brazil and the Federal District, from February 11 to March 7, 2022.

Most of the gamers are female and black

Complete profile information of Brazilian gamer (Image: Share / Pesquisa Game Brasil)

Once again, PGB shows that women are the majority of consumer electronics users in Brazil: this year, they are 51% of gamers. “This importance is related to mobile phones, the platform with more gamers in Brazil and more of the female audience (60.4%), but also with the characteristics of the Brazilian population. “, introduced Guilherme Camargo, partner of Sioux. Team and teacher at ESPM graduate school.

Another important aspect of the data is that the majority of gamer audiences indicate brown or black (49.4%, total). Gambling behavior is more prevalent among young people between the ages of 16 and 24, but it also occurs in the lives of older adults. In terms of social studies classes, it is usually in the middle class. Carlos Silva, partner of GoGamers, explains the following:

“Computers and gaming consoles are priced high by the models of the majority of Brazilians. “The other thing is that Brazilians are always looking for ways to cross high prices, even. Extend the lives of older generations of consoles or give themselves up for a few games.”

The survey also asked respondents if they had any type of disability that restricted game use. 78.7% said no. Of the disabled, 10.9% said this does not restrict the game, and another 10.4% said it does. In addition, one in three players used the game access feature (29.5%).

Check out, below, a general description of the profile of the Brazilian gamer:

  • Women are the majority of gamers in Brazil: 51%, against 49% of men. They usually play on their smartphone;
  • The black population is one of the most active, with 49.4% in the equivalent of pardos and pretos. Then there are whites, 46.6%;
  • Young people between the ages of 20 and 24 were also the most active (25.5%); then were ages 16 to 19 (17.7%);
  • Teens between the ages of 16 and 24 use video games, mostly via cell phones and computers. Citizens over 30 play more games on consoles;
  • 39.9% of gamers live with their parents, up 4.7 percent points from last year. 31.3% are the father or mother and live with their children.

Smartphone is the favorite platform for Brazilian gamers

Smartphones are a favorite platform for gamers, and one of the reasons for this is the free game. However, these kits are not used in long games (Photo: Pesquisa Game Brasil)

Mobile phones are already the preferred gaming platform in Brazil, and this data is still available by 2022. According to PGB, 48.3% of Brazilians play on their smartphones, an increase of 6.7 percent points compared to last year. Computers appeared in the second, with 23.3% (numbers of desktops and notebooks); the consoles, in us, with 20%.

Not to mention that smartphones are the platform that Brazilians play the most every day: 33.2%, according to research; Then came computers (15.3%) and consoles (11.8%). On the other hand, longer games, from one to three hours together, accomplish more on computers (37.9%) and consoles (34.8%).

The ubiquitous 19-game system has made it possible for people to play (and buy) more games

At least 72.2% of Brazilian gamers say they have played more during social interactions from covid-19 spreads everywhere, and 57.9% have booked more online chats with friends when they at home. In the opinion of Mauro Berimbau, by Go Gamers and professor of ESPM, “this reinforces the idea that a time of segregation in society promotes the relationship of Brazilians with firefighting. electricity, especially by taking the content of sports in movies, streams and social networks. “

Shopping for toys is also a habit that remains in the population, with the majority (36%) claiming to have bought three brands last year. People who did not buy the game said that the main reason was the high efficiency (40.2% of the respondents).

For more information about the survey, visit the official website here.

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