Leifert said he received a phone call from Andrés after joking with Libertadores

Former publisher and president of “Globo Esporte”, on Globo TV, Tiago Leifert said how to joke about the absence of Libertadores as Corinthians, in the April 1 edition of the position, Andrés Sanchez, then president of the alvinegro club, apologized.

The journalist explains how the idea for the joke that ended the romance was born – everyone is obsessed with “April Fool’s Day”. Leifert said the video celebrating Corinthians’s first continent title – which had not yet been won at the time – appeared hours before the program was announced and created controversy in groups.

“I said to the athletic team: ‘Just do the sport that we will never do. I’m dressed and tied, doing bad things, we did TP. [teleprompter], and I read TP. Thus, April 1st shows that we will not do, but the news is true “, announced Tiago Leifert on the podcast” Fala, Brasólho “.

“We created a fake program, which we would not do, no music, nothing. At 40 of the second period, I was uncomfortable. There was something missing. I Request a quote from Galvão shouting: ‘The Corinthians are the victors’, A text of São Paulo victorious over the Libertadores and modified together, therefore, it is: ‘Corinthians is the victor of the Libertadores’ He took São Paulo and put the Corinthians in his place, and we asked in art for the ‘Corinthians champion of Libertadores’ of art: ‘Are you sure?’ “He added.

After the program ended, already in his girlfriend’s house, Tiago Leifert was surprised by a phone call from Andrés Sanchez, who apologized. The presenter refused to do so, saying no one had committed any crime.

“I did it at the end of the program [a notícia] and follow my life. I went to my girlfriend’s house, my cell phone rang, it was Andrés Sanches, he’s president of Corinth: ‘Tiago, men are called insane. You messed up with crazy groups. What can I do? ‘ I said: ‘What do you mean, president?’. He said, ‘You have to apologize,’ “Leifert added.

“I said I would not ask: ‘It’s a April Fool’s joke, obviously it’s a lie, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m not doing anything wrong. , We’s done it before. It’s not sick. He said: ‘Tiago, I got a lot of emails’ I asked how many.’ About thirty ‘he said:’ President, more than 29 Millions of fans have not sent an email., but most think it is a lie “, concludes the journalist.

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