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Thousands of dengue patients have been recorded in the northwestern part of São Paulo this year. Faced with an increase in the disease, g1 interviewed the infectious disease doctor to ask questions about the drugs that can be used to treat the symptoms.

  • Rio Preto over 1,000 dengue patients in the first two months of 2022
  • In nine days, Birigui collected about 70% increase in dengue patients

According to Irineu Maia, a specialist physician at São José do Rio Preto (SP), patients diagnosed with dengue may be concerned about platelet aggregation. However, other things must be taken into account.

“Loss of platelets is not significant, but if you have platelets and bleeding, you need to be careful, the most important thing in the blood count is the increase in red blood cells. “The patient is dehydrated. This is dangerous,” explained the doctor.

Some signs of severe pain, such as fatigue and itching of the patient, bleeding from the mucous membranes and urination, abdominal pain, shock and vomiting are common. In most cases, the symptoms need to be treated, according to Irineu.

Symptoms of Dengue Syndrome – Photo: Arte g1

And what medications are used?

Some drugs have been shown to prevent the onset of dengue fever, so Irineu says our pillar is important for treatment.

“The first is physical, it can be done by mouth, if you are nauseous or vomiting, then hydration must be done through the arteries, you need to rest, because this disease is a contagious disease. The second is curative. Fever, which is very common. The third pillar is medical treatment in the body, “he said.

The number of dengue cases from January to April was higher than last year

The number of dengue cases from January to April was higher than last year

For the physician, prescribed medications are required to treat the patient’s symptoms.

“If you are nauseous, the doctor may prescribe medication for nausea. If you are sick, medication for pain. But dipyrone is usually used and abused. Dipyrone can be used very well, not badly. like other medicines used to treat fever and nausea. ”

“Acetylsalicylic acid is contraindicated, because it causes the patient to bleed. In addition to antibiotics that help reduce bleeding. Some examples are ibuprofen, ketoprofen, corticosteroids and more specifically. is diclofenac “, he explained.

Another drug that should be avoided in patients with dengue is paracetamol. “It can change the liver. In patients with dengue, there is an effect on the liver, but it is mild. However, if it interferes with the use of paracetamol, there may be some bigger issues. ”

In terms of treatment, Irineu says it’s the same for everyone, but the transition is a dose-to-patient ratio.

Fighting the growth of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes is essential to prevent dengue fever – Photo: Getty Images / Arquivo

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