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Nina Silva (Image: Advertising / EVE)

Nina Silva, Director of EVE (Image: Advertising / EVE)

Nine directors and artists working in technology, culture, market and financial industry come together to form EVE, an autonomous Decentralized OrganizationDAO, the acronym in English). In the group are Nina Silva, Kim Farrell, Ana Laura Magalhães, Samara Costa, Cintia Ferreira, Paula Lima, Roberta Antunes, Simone Sancho and Nubia Mota.

EVE will strive to integrate the global women around the competition of the Web 3.0 brand, with the goal of expanding the women’s participation in every end of this new market, including as designers and builders, or as consumers and traders in the industry. NFTpiv.

As a group, the pillars of the project are openness to knowledge, financial independence and community engagement. A DAO allows the business model to operate by smart contract, with financial or data storage of blockchain technology, ensuring the security of operations.

Initial design initiatives include crypto currency on creative products, the organization of competitions for the benefit of female performers, as well as financial education and endurance. technology and relationships. All actions, they say, are in line with the principles of Web 3.0: decentralizing information, guaranteeing security without intermediaries and with transparency, expanding access and promoting greater order and autonomy for users.

Still developing, Web 3.0 comes with a challenge of representation: only 4% of the world is dependent on women, says the group. “Technology must be made by everyone and for everyone; otherwise, it will not work and there will be no new ideas”, says Nina Silva, chief technology officer and developer.

Learn more about the founders

• Ana Laura Magalhães – ex-partner XP Inc., venture capitalist, Forbes Under 30, founder of NGO Humana and author of Invista After Reading.

• Cintia Ferreira – Entrepreneur, involved in the empowerment of women, representation and gender equality. Founder of EVE and co-founder of Belong Be.

Kim Farrell – North American, Business Director for Latin America and America at TikTok, graduated in Latin American Studies and Government Law from Harvard. He has been part of the Google industry, is the Business Director for Latin America at Booking.com and has been named one of the top 10 CMOs by Forbes 2022.

• Nina Silva – CEO and co-founder of Movimento Black Money and fintech D’Black Bank, technology leader for more than 20 years, including Forbes is one of the 20 strongest women in the world. Brazil and selected the most influential woman in the world by the Global Women in Tech Awards (2021).

• Núbia Mota – Development and Marketing for Adobe in Latin America, representing the Women in e-commerce group. In 2022, it will be the last of the E-commerce Brazil Awards in Commerce & Sales.

• Paula Lima – Graduated in Law (Mackenzie) and Broadcast (Faap), she is a huge fan of Brazilian music, as well as involved in television and acting.

Roberta Antunes – Partner and Development Manager of Hashdex, a long-time technology entrepreneur, co-founded Hotel Urbano in 2011, a company considered one of the first Brazilian unicorns.

Simone Sancho – Co-founder and CEO of Belong Be, he has served as Digital Director of Sephora do Brasil and at Grupo Uni.co, leading companies such as Imaginarium and Puket.

• Samara Costa Spinelli – Entrepreneur, designer, publisher, creator of Igroup Care and S-cards, who works as a creative director.

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