Land in the metaverse in the NFT is sold for BRL 1.5 billion

One of the largest financial transactions related to NFT (Non-fungible Token, in free translation) ever made in history, reached US $ 320 million, equivalent to R $ 1.5 billion.

Last Saturday (30), an event on the blockchain network Ethereumgenerated a lot of demand and congestion, which led to the loss of many platforms that used the network for their cryptocurrency business.

The event was sponsored by the company’s digital assets By Labs. 55 thousand deeds of virtual land for the metaverse were sold Other – which is under construction by the company. The soil is called other things and was sold for 305 ApeCoins – Yuga’s cryptocurrency – which cost around $ 30 per session.

Otherdeeds can be used by their owners in the Otherside metaverse – a kind of universe designed to be a great video game universe -, where Yuga Labs will operate its NFTs brand and partners, e.g. Cup Ape, Cryptopunks and meeb.

Brave NFT World

Many may not believe in the future as digital devices, but cryptocurrencies, NFT and blockchain platforms have moved thousands of dollars in recent years.

Yuga Labs itself was recently responsible for the sale of digital video on NFT that has generated millions in virtual competition. The movie I mentioned was Bored Ape Yacht Club, received by Celebrities such as Neymar and Justin bieber.

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If you have not yet joined the NFT world or would like to learn more about the topic, the Mundo Conectado team has created a video that explains everything about the latest technology this and it can.

Another video that will interest you is about the impact of the Metaverse. In this development of Mundo Conectado you can get to know a little better the vision of the two richest people in the world, who are striving to make digital life and technology seem palpable. as soon as possible and in a short time.

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