‘Lady X Macbeth, Other Details of Scottish Play’ is a recap of the couple

The Macbeth Tragedy, written by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) in the early seventeenth century, is one of the most revised works of the British creator and his protagonist, General of the title and his spouse Lady Macbeth. Ambitious efficiency. Lady X Macbeth, the different particulars of the Scottish play, by Marcia Zanelatto, suggests a up to date dialog between the two. Guilherme Leme Garcia and Yara de Novaes characterize the desired characters in the program, directed by Marcio Aurelio and Mara Borba, operating till June 5 at the Teatro Anchieta – Sesc Consolação.

In intimacy. In the early Macbeth there have been Bahraini troopers, kings and witches. Returning from a marketing campaign, the captain heard three witches prophesy that he would turn into king and was impressed by his spouse to remove all who threatened his area to the throne of Scotland. However, Marcia’s reinterpretation creates a shut opposition that focuses on the couple to cope with feelings similar to guilt, betrayal and rivalry.

Macbeth and Lady are of their room the place all the things will be mentioned to disclose the weaknesses and frustrations which have the potential to separate masculinity and femininity. “Lady is a sturdy lady who has no selection however to make use of her intelligence to please her husband,” the author explains. “Today, they don’t have to kind romantic relationships and will be enterprise companions.”

The creator first got here up with the concept in 2017, troubled by allegations that ousted Dilma Rousseff from the presidency of the Republic final yr. He quickly imagined how machismo prevented Lady Macbeth from growing her skills as a strategist, and she or he solely relied on male characters. “We ladies can’t convert our vitality into vitality, so I made a decision to take Shakespeare by the hand and invite him to go to Brazil, speaking about masks which have fallen over the previous couple of years,” she mentioned. This “. “I imagined what the couple’s relationship can be like in the present day, affected by the change of time.”

Guilherme Leme Garcia, who for the final 15 years has prioritized his profession as a director, sees in Lady X Macbeth different particulars of Scotland appearing as a nice alternative to return to the stage.

“I discovered myself in the presence of this man who acted on his spouse’s rational thoughts, and I loved accepting the characters that put me in danger,” he, who starred for six years in Uma Relação Pornography “When I learn the article, I noticed Marcio Aurelio as the excellent director, as a result of this virtually summary radical refers to Hamletmachine, his nice program.”

In 1987, Marcio Aurelio directed Hamletmachine, a play by the German Heiner Müller, carried out by Shakespeare, Hamlet. The bodily work created by actress and dancer Marilena Ansaldi (1934-2021) as soon as once more impressed the director, who known as on choreographer Mara Borba to assist him create a new manufacturing.

What will be seen is an instance of a two-act gesture in a modest outfit. A message on a plateau that provides up to date controversy. “Marcio reinforces to us all the time that it is a tragic epic and that the greatness of this physique makes for a dialogue,” Leme feedback on the frequent course.

Yara de Novaes underlines some of Lady Macbeth’s strains, similar to “I’m the concept and he is the gesture” or “All vitality is mine, all vitality is his”. The actress believes that if the characters are moved to 2022, the couple’s trajectory shall be very totally different.

“She is sensible sufficient to meet her husband’s targets and negotiate the finest to make sure that what she thinks is finest for his or her life,” she declares. “I completely disagree after they say that Lady organized Macbeth under no circumstances. We are going through the tragedy of a partnership, so together with her demise he has no concept.”

The behind-the-scenes adjustment is that Leme and Yara agree on selecting the most compelling interpretation they’ve ever seen of the Macbeth couple. They are the British characters Ian McKellen and Judi Dench in a model by the Royal Shakespeare Company, recorded in 1979 and out there on YouTube.

“It’s all darkish, filmed in a theatrical environment, however each element of their work is spectacular,” Leme describes. Yara emphasizes the indisputable fact that Judi Dench composes the internal lady, an atypical lady, with out falling into melody or psychology. “English is irreplaceable, they’ve a mouth, they belong, it is like a Brazilian actor with Nelson Rodrigues, we all know that universe very properly,” he in contrast.

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