Know the benefits of tangerine: Fruits are healthier than you think

Novo Hamburgo, May 11, 2022, by Jones Backes – Tangerine is one of the most popular fruits in all regions of Brazil. Whether with name, gossip, poncã or even bergamot, the benefits of tangerine for health is indisputable. And these are just some of the diets we will talk about today, so read on and check them out.

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With its sweetness and much appreciated by Brazilians, this fruit is a great choice for cold on hot days. Whether it is in natural form, in cakes, juices and jellies, the benefits of tangerine now and make the body work harder to fight infections. So, research the varieties of this fruit and why you should drink it.

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Discover the health benefits of tangerine

benefits of tangerine
Discover the benefits of tangerine: Fruits are healthier than you think / Source: Canva Pro

As Samantha Cerquetani points out, in an article on October 5, 2018, published on the Uol website, these fruits are rich in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. such as calcium and potassium. In addition, he is a good friend of the management of high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps improve immunity and disease, control blood sugar and even prevents cancer and diabetes.

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Finally, among the benefits of tangerine, AgroNews exhibits caloric benefits, which are minimal, and, on the other hand, its strength of satiety and hydration, which is high. With this, it is a good friend in weight loss and removes excess fluid from the body.

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Learn how to prepare fruit juices and know if there are any contraindications

Tangerine is a citrus fruit and, therefore, should be taken in moderation by people with stomach ailments such as gastritis and reflux. However, even under control, everyone can drink this delicious fruit. So find out now how to make this juice and enjoy all the benefits of tangerine for your health. The ingredients are:

  • 3 tangerines;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • Ice;
  • Sweet to sweet.

To prepare, simply separate the segments of the fruit, remove the seeds and hold all the ingredients in a blender until well mixed. This recipe takes about five minutes to prepare and make two meals, so you can enjoy benefits of tangerine in a very delicious and refreshing way.

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