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Cruzeiro saw the affidavits of Luiz Felipe Scolari confirmed in the proceedings that the coach took against the club in the Courts of Justice. Last Thursday, Class 6 decided to remove the confidentiality of procedures and maintain a decision of R $ 2.3 million.

In the judgment of the judge, Cruzeiro’s claim for the benefits of free justice and the removal of him by lawful payment was granted. However, it was decided on January 24 this year.

Felipão Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Aleixo

Felipão’s lawsuit, which received R $ 500,000 a month from Raposa, was dismissed in private, but the confidentiality was dropped. Following the dismissal, the coach allegedly received a deposit of R $ 30 thousand from the club, but did not specify his circumstances.

In the first instance, the trainer is entitled to:

  • guaranteed salary of R $ 500 thousand paid monthly
  • acknowledges the termination of the employment contract by contract
  • For the December / 2020 salaries, a deduction of BRL 30,000.00 has already been received
  • payment of 3/12 of the 13th salary of 2020
  • January / 2021 Salary Balance (25 days)
  • 1/12 of 13th salary of 2021
  • 3/12 of rest + 1/3 of 2020/2021
  • undeposited FGTS difference
  • 20% penalty on all balances due by FGTS
  • well put into art. 467 of CLT, required to pay unpaid salaries (salary balance, 13 percent of salary to 2021 and retirement equation + 1/3)
  • well put into art. 477, § 8, of CLT, in the amount of the average salary;

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Premiere Brasileirão banner – Photo: Print

All of these claims were handled by the judges and a total of R $ 2.3 million on the sentence coach, which is currently owned by Athletico-PR.

Felipão was Raposa’s only quarterback, during October 2020 and January 2021. He had 21 matches, nine wins, eight draws and four defeats. When he held, the team finished in 19th place and finished the race in 11th place.

Scolari has a contract with Cruzeiro until the end of 2022. The coach arrived with the main goal of holding the team in Serie B and achieving that goal. Access, however, does not occur.

In fact, the fact that there was no payment for late salaries was one of the reasons why Felipão agreed to leave by consensus. As a result, a fine of R $ 10 million is not required to be paid, as the exit is initiated by the instructor.

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