Juazeirense x Palmeiras: where to look, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazil Cup

Juazeirense and Palmeiras decided this Wednesday a place in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The ship is being delivered to the port of Café, in Londrina (PR), and is expected to arrive on February 19, 19:00.

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In the first leg, played at Arena Barueri, Verdão won 2-1 and benefited from a well-deserved draw. The Bahians must win by different goals to determine the sport or by two or more different goals to get the place.

Juazeirense, from Juazeiro, Bahia, decided to bring the game to the interior of Paraná due to its restricted stadium space. The hope of the club is to try to surprise and make history against the current two seasons of American competition.

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With improved performance in Série D, after beating Jacuipense and Santa Cruz, Juazeirense held second place in Group 4, with eight points. Good competition can support the team for this tournament. It is worth noting that Cancão removed Vasco in this edition of the Copa do Brasil.

Palmeiras would be insignificant, but they went to Paraná with all the players that Abel Ferreira had at their disposal. The tradition of the game allows Verdão integration to begin.

File – Juazeirense x Palmeiras – Photo: ge

Streaming: Premiere 1 and sportv announce the game, with commentary by Odinei Ribeiro and comments by Mauricio Noriega, Pedrinho and Salvio Spinola.

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Goal of Palmeiras 2 x 1 Juazeirense, to level 3 of Copa do Brasil

Goal of Palmeiras 2 x 1 Juazeirense, to level 3 of Copa do Brasil

Juazeirense – Instructor: Barbosinha

Neto Baiano, the 39-year-old striker, has yet to leave the Juazeirense squad due to injury. The same thing happened with the Guilherme steering wheel. For this game, coach Barbosinha can return the team that won Jacuipense 2-1, to Série D.

Signs: Rodrigo Calaça; Dadinha, Emílio, Wendell and Thalison; Patrik, Waguinho, Clebson and Nildo; Deysinho and Ian.

Group will travel from Juazeirense to Palmeiras – Photo: ge

Who left: Neto Baiano (ankle injury) and Guilherme (knee ligament injury).

Palmeiras – Instructor: Abel Ferreira

After climbing to the top of our last three tournaments, Palmeiras coaches were able to take advantage of the Copa do Brasil to replace the team. It is true that the team will undergo significant changes due to injury issues. In the absence of Piquerez, Jorge gained the potential of having a section on the bars of Verdão.

May start lineup: Weverton; Mayke, Gustavo Gómez (Kuscevic), Murilo and Jorge; Danilo, Zé Rafael and Raphael Veiga (Gabriel Menino); Breno Lopes, Dudu and Rafael Navarro.

Probably Palmeiras for the campaign against Juazeirense – Photo: ge

Who left: Gabriel Veron (body transplant), Luan (body transplant), Jailson (knee injury), Piquerez (muscle injury) and Wesley (Covid-19).

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  • Attorney: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (RJ-Fifa)
  • Assistant referee 1: Luiz Claudio Regazone (RJ)
  • Assistant referee 2: Thiago Rosa de Oliveira (RJ)
  • Fourth Attorney: José Mendonça da Silva Junior (PR)

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