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In his article in the Portuguese Journal of Information, Jorge Jesus’s lawyer, Luís Miguel Henrique, published a letter on the expert’s trip to Brazil. He reflected on what JJ said in an interview with “Bem, Amigos”, revealed on Monday, and what he said in a private interview published by journalist Renato Maurício Prado.

– Of which JJ would have formed in an intimate circle, proved the stone that could not, in private, speak more corrosive to a friend from work. I believe that JJ (and all of us) need to learn other lessons of life and be extra careful with whoever shares his views – the lawyer said.

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Jorge Jesus from Bem, Amigos – Photo: Publication

Luís Miguel Henrique also slammed comments from Paulo Sousa boss Hugo Cajuda, his father Manuel Cajuda and coach José Mourinho.

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To view the full text:

“Declaration of interest: I am JJ’s lawyer. This is because today’s topic is related to his recent trip to Brazil and the statements made by Mr. Kléber house.

Speaking of the past, I invite all who like to think for themselves to see the whole point above, so that they can, in a rational and unjust way, make their way decide the price, without rushing.

Among those that JJ would have created in an intimate circle, proved the stone that never, in PRIVATE, spoke much corrosive to a friend from the position.

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Did Jorge Jesus leave behind a history of Flamengo? See the trainer answers

I, from now on, do “mea culpa” here! I enjoy seeing my colleagues, lawyers and / or commentators on TV and / or in newspapers that I have criticized in a positive or unbelievable environment, as I understand it. that they are experts “incompetent, incompetent, deceitful, salesman, moral., the sellers of oil who do not acknowledge what they earn …” And I I do not know what else I can say.Obviously, to the public and out of respect, such a question has not been raised or will be raised, unless it is necessary for my protection block or by someone whose responsibility falls on me.

For years I have watched private conversations, from players, coaches, journalists and / or commentators to the fact that if I were to share them publicly, half of them their colleagues will not speak for half and repeat. Sometimes included in the club, newspaper and / or television. Football fans say bad things about each other, in private and over the phone with executives or journalists “it’s the bush”.

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However, in the criticism that I have read in the unbelievable or by people who have not been fair to them, I have three characters to quote: Hugo Cajuda, his father Manuel Cajuda and José Mourinho.

In the past, talking about lack of morality was a joke. We are talking about the same person who spoke for half the world in 2020, in an attempt to prevent JJ ​​from being hired by Benfica. Although all is not ethical and because it is in private conversation that he has the status of being arrested by wiretapping, I have not spoken or ruled.

According to Hugo Cajuda and his father, everything is very soft, because I know them and have always been well treated. However, I have a responsibility to remember that people with glass roofs should not throw stones at their neighbors, it is up to them to make sense and self-assessment by morality and behavior.

The only public outcry from Jorge that was less successful and refined was one that arose from the vague description of his departure from Benfica and the details that led to his success. Agreed, but we are talking about that.

In short, no one is good at photography. I believe that JJ (and all of us) need to learn more life lessons and be more careful of whoever shares his thoughts. ”

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