Jorge Jesus says Everton Ribeiro, Gabigol and Gerson “want more” at World Cup final with Flamengo | good friend!

The path of Jorge Jesus from Flamengo does not leave the memory of fans, after five titles in a year. The World Cup has lost its place, after a 1-0 defeat to Liverpool in the 2019 final. In an interview with “Bem, Amigos!” Second, the coach emphasized that weakness was key in the game, but also pointed out that three of our team values ​​did not get what they were capable of.

According to Jesus, Everton Ribeiro, Gerson and Gabigol have fallen below their respective levels in the competition with Liverpool. The trainer revealed that he said this to the red-and-black shirt 9 at dinner when he recently visited Rio.

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Jorge Jesus in his involvement in Bem, Amigos! – Photo: Reproduction

– I have three players in the game who are not playing at their level. Someone who loved me very much, I had dinner with him at the hotel where I was staying. I said: “Gabi, you are not at your level in the end”. Two players. One of them is Gerson. Maybe we have won the end. But it happens. They really think last. Three of my players, namely Gerson, Everton and Gabi. They are not at their limit, it keeps us from creating more time.

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Jorge Jesus said he had a contract with the players while still in the dressing room of a stadium in Doha, Qatar, shortly after the defeat by Liverpool.

– We lost the end and I do not believe, because I think we can do better. And when we were all in the circle, everyone was saying something in his mind, I said “Do not worry, because next year we will be here and we will win”. Because I know the team I have, it is one of the strongest teams in the world. You are here in Brazil there is, in my opinion, in the words, “defects”, which is in excess of what is European – he says.

The Brazilian Championship is one of the strongest in the world. And the workers in this industry have to be more valued, exporting outside Brazil

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Gabigol celebrates with Jorge Jesus – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

In 2020, Jorge Jesus even extended his contract with Flamengo at the start of the season. But with the spread, the rise of covid and loneliness in Brazil at that time, because he could not get along with family and friends, he decided to return to Portugal. Sign with Benfica.

Flamengo still led the 2020 Brazilian Championship, the 2021 Carioca, but the performance and results were no longer the same. Many feel that there is no history of Jesus’ work at the club due to lack of connection. He agrees and explains why:

– I have not released a legacy. When I arrived in a team I led my team of experts, so when I arrived at Flamengo Marcos Braz said that he had a coach (by a permanent leader), can do a lot of names, four nutritionists, supervision. I said I did not. I do not want anyone there, my team is doing all this work, I said I would just pick a few.

Did Jorge Jesus abandon a history of Flamengo?  See the trainer answers

Did Jorge Jesus abandon a history of Flamengo? See the trainer answers

In addition, he acknowledged that his need was to leave everything in the hands of the professionals who worked with him. But when he left, he took everyone from the club:

– I told Dr. Tannure to choose one of four dietitians. I do not want four, I have to choose one. And he chose. In the same scout. And (Braz) likes a coach, I want him there, I can not say the name, but I can not say. Then I had to choose another coach, another team of experts.

Jorge Jesus is reunited with Flamengo – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The Portuguese coach took the time to identify the incident that happened in Brazilian football, when players and athletes tried to make time by restricting the game, simulating injuries and injuries. . He said it was the coach’s responsibility to train their athletes to improve the performance. And he also said that he believed in fair play, in football, no:

– Now with 30 minutes of play they were already falling to the ground, when the athlete was on the ground the game stopped. There is a word I posted in Portugal that says fair play in football is bullshit. It is my message. It is a lie, it does not exist. We have to have respect for the game, for colleagues, but it does not exist. If you are in the area, the attacker, if he has to dig the penalty, will do so. And where is his fair play? It’s bullshit.

Jorge Jesus talks about antigame:

Jorge Jesus talks about anti-sports: “There is no justice in football”

Jorge Jesus returned to Brazil to attend the samba theater school in Rio de Janeiro. But the words of the Portuguese ended in conflict. UOL has announced that Jesus has set a deadline of 20 days to receive the application from Flamengo.

The news has hit the face of the club and sparked an outcry from Hugo Cajuda, the head coach of current coach Paulo Sousa. Pillow, representative accused Jorge Jesus of “lack of morality, professionalism and respect“. President Rodolfo Landim decided to leave the coach back.

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