Jorge Jesus made an air of closure with Galvão and was burned on Globo TV News

Former Flamengo coach during 2019 and 2020, Jorge Jesus was not the only one making a bad impression on the club board when trying to dig him back. Portuguese was also burned at the Globo. The 67-year-old professional refuses to show Bem Amigos !, directed by Galvão Bueno on SporTV, with the audience last week. That is why your interview has been closed. And the network did not like it at all for breaking its message about not talking to other journalists.

Records for the 2nd will be released Monday (9th), starting at 22:00. For obvious reasons, Jesus would not mention the interview he had with Renato Maurício Prado, of UOL, published Thursday (5). With the journalist, the coach said he could wait for Flamengo to hire him until the 20th and criticize the current manager, Paulo Sousa. The truth is awful with some of the Portuguese fans and professionals who work in Brazil.

According to the TV news, Globo goal is to make Jorge Jesus the favorite of Bem Amigos! last week. However, at the request of the Portuguese allowed, who refused to share the program with his friend Luís Castro – who has been in charge of Botafogo since last month. In order not to be mean to Castro, who he had scheduled a few weeks ago, Globo had to turn to 30.

Interview with Jorge Jesus is a personal interview by Galvão Bueno. A special plan was prepared to receive him in the afternoon. At night, Luís Castro goes alone to Bem Amigos !, but without Galvão Bueno – sports commissioned by Cléber Machado. He did not “double” that day and only went to the studios because of the owner.

Globo wants to store unknown data. He plans to make small phone calls on SporTV and on his sports website, GE, with a short VT behind the scenes with Eric Faria on Esporte Espetacular. Jorge Jesus has stated that he will not be talking to anyone else during the week and that it is a special conversation with Globo and Galvão Bueno.

Jesus speaks with Galvão ‘cool’

Everything changes on Thursday. The station management skeptics have seen Jesus’s interview with Renato Maurício Prado published on UOL, with criticisms of Paulo Sousa and Flamengo now. Internally, it was found that it was not an “offline” chat (a term used for information provided with the privacy of the site) but an open chat.

As she was already preparing some questions with Jesus and Galvão, Globo kept the plan and completed everything she had planned for the interview. But on SporTV, the discussion is now seen as something “cool”, which would not have had the same impact as the remarks to Renato Maurício Prado – not because of previous journalists. to work at Globo, but because of Jorge Jesus.

The expert was burned at the station. In future conversations, if they happen, you will not get much benefit. His record wins and everything he has accomplished in Brazil will be respected, but Globo will not keep a record in this regard. Leaders “study their lesson”, according to the source.

need by TV news, Globo said he has shared resources so that Jorge Jesus and Luís Castro can discuss topics they want with more time. The network also shows that they are friends and have dinner together. Flamengo said he only commented on Jorge Jesus’ case after seeing what he had to say to a SporTV announcer.


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