Jandrei sees himself preparing to be fined in judgment for São Paulo: “If necessary, I also learned” | Sao Paulo

Inside, São Paulo plans to reach at least a quarter of the Copa do Brasil. To achieve this goal, the club must win Juventude on Thursday, at 19:30 (Brasília time), at the Arena Barueri, in the third stage of the tournament. Therefore, all points are adjusted accordingly.

On the evening of the tournament, as well as another day leading to the elimination of duels, the team practiced football. Even the athlete Jandrei practiced shooting and said he was ready to take on this role, as the current coach Ceni did.

– The idea was for us to qualify in 90 minutes, but we knew it would be a tough game. Our plan must be to win the game. But, if necessary, I also learned, everyone is fine to plan and know how to – announced Jandrei, in an interview with ge.

Jandrei reveals football penalty and can shoot – Photo: São Paulo FC

Although São Paulo’s main goal today is worthy of the Libertadores of the Brazilian Championship, the Copa do Brasil has an important role to play for the players, even more so due to history: Tricolor never won the competition.

There is a significant financial point, even so much for Tricolor, a club with more than R $ 700 million in debt. The division for the competition of 16 is worth R $ 3 million.

– We are in our race, we know that. We want to go as far as possible, go away from the two World Cups, but do not forget about the Brazilian, the constant competition – announces the team to choose the first player.

Jandrei was penalized and avoided defeat by São Paulo

Jandrei was penalized and avoided defeat by São Paulo

– We know that Brasileirão is a longer race. So, in a game like this, we plan to get past the stage and continue in our tournament – he added.

To complete the goal and advance in the tournament, São Paulo must defeat Juventude at Arena Barueri. The tie will take the form of a penalty, trained by the athlete Jandrei, in the style of Rogério Ceni.

Jandrei has become a starter for São Paulo this season – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

As an athlete, Jandrei has a recent memory that drove Tricolor. In his debut for the club, against Ituano, in Morumbi, the jersey 92 defended a penalty kick by Morumbi.

If you do not use your feet as instructed by the instructor, your hands can be the key for São Paulo to continue in search of an unprecedented name from the Copa do Brasil.

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