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Appearance, perfume, special way to treat or attract. All this can stimulate passion in someone, say an expert, and if “chemistry” occurs, prepare for a flood of emotions with the right of emotional music, anxiety, nervousness, big breath and desire. Desire to be together.

But what is the difference between desire and love? “If you ask me what love is, I do not know the answer, I do not know how to explain it, but I know that love is born in me.”

Love the “mess” of human heads like in the song “É o amor” popular in the 1990s with Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano. To try to understand the difference between this feeling, the g1 Take the opportunity of Valentine’s Day this Sunday (12) to show what science and philosophy say.

Stress, sweaty hands, racing heart

A person puts his hand on his chest like “squeezing a heart” in a documentary photo – Photo: BBC

Psychiatrist Alisson Marques Teixeira, an expert in the study of behavior and influence, explains: Passion is gone, love is still there. Science shows that When meeting someone interesting, the body responds with hormones and neurotransmitters..

First with Adrenaline releaseAnxiety, stress, sweaty hands, racing heart.

“It happens because you are facing something new and the head interprets it as dangerous, saying you have to be careful,” Alisson says.

Oh The second element is dopamine.Related to pleasure. “Every time I have the urge to have a good conversation, a good company, or a physical attraction, dopamine is released, giving a feeling of pleasure. It has to do with rewards, and when you move away, it is necessary. “Keep rejoicing. People again,” explains the psychiatrist.

Alisson points out that the first feeling is “sudden”, that is, suddenly or unexpectedly, leading people by “surprise”. This time can be described as a hobby..

As for love, it is necessary to unite three points: intimacy, passion and decision and want to be together.Experts say. But for love to really happen, there are basic details: Both people are determined to “water”.

“Love is created to support oneself in this place of love, it is necessary to revive the place where one lives with passion. In the face of relationships, partnership and admiration for a partner also make a difference. All too “.

Beautiful flowers and hearts in a documentary photo – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

Love is also associated with neurological problems and is a social phenomenon.. Psychiatrist Alisson Marques Teixeira recalls that when a child is born, it is integrated into a society where the concept of love is often learned verbally, that is, through gestures and behaviors, and there is a “kind of love.” “:

  • Real love: Related to love, partnership and as a result of a long-term relationship
  • Selfless love: Involved in moral, social, spiritual, Christian
  • Passionate love: Related to lust, body, sex

Science shows that after sex, the body will release water OxytocinThe so-called “hormone of love” that causes a good mood. “It is released when there is an orgasm. That is why after a relationship many people like to hug intimately,” the psychiatrist explains.

However, when love is not reconciled, the excitement will subside and the relationship becomes uninteresting, experts point out.

“The most complex thing about love is that falling in love alone is very difficult, intimacy, passion and decisions have to be made with each other. If the couple does not agree on the same options, the bond is not formed,” says Alisson Marques. That love is a daily decision, the biggest challenge.

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For the psychologist and neurologist Fabrício Nogueira, passion and love complement each other. “Lust must have fire, energy, desire, strength. Love is security,” he says.

“One of the greatest joys of being human is being together. Connections. Good friendships create a sense of team spirit that is important to anyone. If such a strong friendship exists, imagine that a deeper relationship involves touch, sharing. , Complexity “, points out the neurologist.

“Love is like the next stage of excitement, like lust is the force of grasping, and love is the pleasure. Love is happiness. Fabrício Nogueira explains that the person begins to feel insecure in relationships over the years.

For those who are looking for a feeling, experts advise:

“Fall in love and try as hard as you can to create security in your partner. The complexities associated with security make love last and always remember a particular level of passion,” says Fabrício. .

Heart in a glass with red liquid inside in a file photo – Photo: Getty Images via BBC

Fabrício Nogueira explains that great reflections on love occur in Greek mythology. In Hesiod’s work called Theogony, he outlines some of the deities that will rise to the world, such as ErosOf romantic attraction.

“God is what allows people to have this attraction, with the concept of breeding, continuity of species. That is the power of arousal, the desire that attracts other men and women. This initial view is more related to passion, especially with love, “indicates psychosis.

With Christianity, new ideas of what represents love emerged. “Vocabulary embodies the characteristics of nobility and not the erotic nature of marriage,” the expert recalled. “Prepared for the dowry.” Scholars then say that in the first half of the first millennium there were demons of lust and devotion of love. “Today the process is reversed, the assessment of passion and love” congratulates Fabrício.

Know some love definitions

Open to new friendships – Photo: Pexels

  • Aeros: It is the love of intimacy between a man and a woman. It involves temptation and emotion.
  • Philia: It is the kind of love that exists in a long-term relationship, and it is the kind of brotherly love between friends that demands loyalty and mutual respect.
  • Agape: It is a universal love of kindness and compassion. It is a feeling of patience that does not require anything in return.

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