It is necessary to know about technological changes, including the completion of ecosystem-like H-Space Metaverse

Anyone who has always listened to the news of the cryptocurrency market can not miss the opportunity given by the H-Space Metaverse (HKSM) token, the first token to prepare the city as the GTA game focuses on the metaverse with cryptocurrencies in its business, in the best gaming style – to earn.

The announcement of the game, along with the already in-progress, will be available in the first week of 2022.

Made on the basis of GTA, but with cryptocurrencies acting as payment in the game, Hacker City is metaverse with the use of blockchain, inspired by the life-size balance in which the player operates. Work hard, have fun, and be successful in life. models, close to real life.

In Hacker City there is a store, where players can also buy and sell NFTs that can be used in the game, in the form of cars, mansions, weapons, all for special use. There is also the possibility of commercializing some of the big companies such as “! Kabum”, “Magazine Luiza”, “Outback”, “Eno”, “Brahma” and “iFood”, which have already joined. hands with partnerships with servers, including. The goal is to promote your product to viewers who enjoy playing in the city, as well as watching streamers, with 50% of the revenue coming from the rental of this content for marketing. and NFTs sold by the project, either destined liquidity or repurchased by the token, in the latter case make it scarer to trading in the market, thus making it attractive .

In addition to the tokenized city, the project is carrying two activities:

– MU-online, the game is set up in a central location, where players can win their HKSM tokens by playing in story mode, encountering ghosts of various genres. different, including the benefit of competing against other players in a fight, where the winner gets everything from your opponent. In this game it is also possible to buy NFTs in the form of weapons that will be useful in the game, make your character stronger and stronger, and just like in the city, 50 % of revenue from the sale of these NFTs. be destined for the project. This game has been released for beta testing.

– Hksm-airlines, a sport focused on pilots, where its crew operate on their own Virtual Airline, in high-performance racing similar to other design simulators such as Flight Simulator-X, 3D Planner, X-Plane 11, with models. Close to reality, earn HKSM a mile walk, according to the pilot level. In this game, it will be possible to announce the companies of the aircraft fuselage, pay for this performance, with 50% of the proceeds from the project, as explained above. Now the game has been completed, with 151 pilots, a total of 276 flights completed, and over 140,000 miles flying.

These are 3 games on the H-Space Metaverse system, where your HKSM token will be the basis of the gaming industry, but the project is not limited to game tokens only.

Developers are planning to implement technology applications such as:

  • HKSM-Love, which will be a social platform similar to Tinder, where its users will use the HKSM token to launch the appropriate platform, draw the colors of the suitor or stand out.
  • HKSM Wallet, a personal wallet project with the possibility of direct access to other project platforms, for the payment of toys or the removal of farm benefits.
  • Private Equity, a platform by which a group of business people can come together to invest in franchises, support a concert by a design expert or other venture capital firm, and divide into quotas, including a percentage of the proceeds from the project and other contributions. As the product is accepted by every trader, and for this reason, the Official License of the H-Space Metaverse, known in Brazil as CNPJ, has already been registered with the capability. .
  • HKSM Streamer, where professionals and amateurs of digital devices can stream their videos without paying a hefty price on today’s popular platform.
  • HKSM SWAP, currency exchange with discounted prices and all the latest technology and security available in the market.

Looking for partnerships in this market, H-Space Metaverse has already registered on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and is always looking for new partnerships.

In addition to this achievement, the HKSM token has been tested by one of the largest and most reputable research companies in the world, Certik. You can check it out at the link below:

With this well-suited addition to the HKSM token, it will be easier to partner with larger companies that will be able to leverage advertising and marketing on the platforms of the H-Space Metaverse system, more for names made possible in a major cryptocurrency brokerage, if Another venture could be completed recently, the HKSM token entered the price radar of one of the largest exchanges in life.

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