“It impressed the crowd”; Roger surrenders to the potential of ‘New Luan’ behind the scenes of Grêmio


A special assessment of the training, in addition to some of the games, the instructor received an award from Immortal

Photo: Ricardo Rímoli / AGIF - Luan has been featured, especially in 2017.
Photo: Ricardo Rímoli / AGIF – Luan has been featured, especially in 2017.

LUB Guild Going through a period of recognition, discovering the identity that led to the ongoing work of the field, was able to establish itself in the first 4 places in the Brazilian Championship and finish its main purpose, which is access. After three consecutive wins, the team led by Roger Machado lost to Cruzeiro, 1-0.

However, despite the poor results, Immortal still managed to stay in 4 places, that is, he knew the importance of winning against Ituano, in the Arena, next Monday (16). For this to be possible, New solutions worked in one day, which brought answers to the field.

After Campaz distrusted the right, losing a place to Elias Manoel, the Colombian also began to try to be the guard, but this change of profession can be devastating by competition, especially when interacting with other young people who have praised coaching staff.especially for performance in training and attitude, as seen by the portal “UOL Esporte”.

It’s about Gabriel Silva, which has been compared to the “new Luan”, not only for the good, but for the fact that, for Tricolor look at it, it is the same used to find the old shirt 7, the recent highlight. The facial examination repeats the contrast, so she enjoys it after starring in São Caetano, as does Matheus Henrique.

“In a game with União Frederiquense (Roger watched the stadium match, shortly after being hired as a team coach for 2022), Both Bitello and Gabriel Silva are called and involved in their game. What fascinates me the most is that in those contexts, even if they suffer from adolescence, they can do what they know to do. There I became convinced that they were the players who would make the most of the desire to manage the club over time. Bitello, like Gabriel, was my seventh man. He has the strength to put his foot on the ball to defend and attack. “says the coach Grêmio.


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